A Day in the Life


Wednesday September 29th.


I woke up to a new hair cut and color, and proceeded to take a self portrait that any self-respecting 7th grader would be proud of.

I am a teenager.

I worked on the LLC for Vida Vegan Con. Vida Vegan Con is a super duper International Vegan Blogging Conference, coming to Portland next August 2011.



I wrote emails, paid bills, washed laundry, did dishes, and drank a cup of Epicurious Vegan-style coffee.


                   coffeehome3                        coffeehome2


I baked mini banana bread muffins with an adorable little dollop of chocolate chip on top (recipe loosely adapted from the PPK):

               DSC05692            DSC05694 



I wrote two yelp reviews.


I painted my fingernails and toenails. Messily, but whatevs. I saved $20 by not going to a salon.




I made a few appointments to view venue spaces for Modified Style. For those new to my blog, Modified Style is an annual fundraiser and fashion show I organize with two ladies. We collect scraps of fabric and the designers–with zero or a bunch of experience- have a few months to create a wearable design. The fashion show serves to raise money for three local area non-profits: Sisters of the Road Cafe, Caldera, and Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary.

It was fun going to check out the different venues.



  I ordered a new back for my Palm Pixi online. It’s falling apart. I stuck with the bright blue one (my favorite color):


blue back


I needed to use up my beer card (a lovely benefit of working for a brewpub) so had a glorious ESB from the BridgePort Ale House. That went down easy, which is when I decided I needed new fall clothes.


Oh, hello.



Skirts! Sweaters!  A purple dress! Hurray!




For dinner I had a friend coming over and quickly made a ridiculous meal that turned out surprisingly good.

Caramelized Onion & Three Lentil Soup and a Daiya Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


DSC05702 DSC05703

DSC05709 DSC05710


After dinner,I met another friend for a glass of wine at Gold Dust Meridian. I was actually there the night before, working on the Vida Vegan Con LLC and forgot to tip on a glass of wine they gave me for free. I felt like a douche, so went back to tip. Incidentally, their claims to fame are party bowls and… CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS.



I obviously love it.


It was a lovely day off. Now today it’s back to work! If you live in Portland, don’t forget that it’s Last Thursday, and it’s supposed to be 85 degrees today. What the dickens?! 85 degrees! It’s like it’s still summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Go check out some art and some drinks and some vegan goodies from Back to Eden.

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