Announcing the Vida Vegan Con Contest Winner!


Oh hey! Hello February! Hello sunshine (in Portland)! Hello birthday month (It’s the 28th, in case you’re keeping tabs)!


I have some news for you.

VVC 2013


We have a contest winner! ‘Member last month, when I was all, ‘hey guys, send pictures or poems or whatever your little heart desires and you may win a ticket to Vida Vegan Con this May!’? Well, someone did. And this someone, who tweets funny stuff on the twitters, is called Josh Randall.

And I shall submit to you his poetic prowess now:


Fellow Vegans are you tired of trying to squint?

My eyes are fed up from reading – all this silly tiny print

As we – the growing few – have come to our better senses

That it’s not ok to use anything as our ingredients(es?)

So to come to this Vida Vegan event – it’ll be momentous

amongst a gathering of the beautiful and conscientious

the hippys, the happies, the healthy glowing radiance

the newbs, the die hard enthusiasts and of course – the vegan militants

Knowing you are all what you eat – means I do not have to scrutinise

As I find Vegans – besides reading ingredients – are easier on the eyes…


I don’t know much about poems, but I know this: if someone includes words like momentous and conscientious, it automatically makes a poem good. And rhyming? Forget about it.  Best poem ever.


Josh, congrats! You’re the winner! I will be contacting you with details shortly.


For the rest of y’all: if you didn’t win or came to this post too late, don’t fret. Michele has a contest going on (deadline: February 28) over at Vegtastic Voyage. 


We still have a limited amount of tickets left to purchase this year in case you missed the scholarship or giveaway entries.

See you guys this May at the most fun vegan summer camp around!







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    Oh hey, birthday month! Happy birthday DAY!