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Vegan Mofo: Chili Corn Nuts in Eastern Europe


Hi! Welcome to Snacky Tuesday.

Oh, my loves. I found this snacky treat in Brno, The Czech Republic, and kept finding them throughout Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro. These spicy chili corn nuts are officially called “Mexicorn” and probably have loads of MSG, but I can’t stay away. I still find myself fantasizing about these wee tasty nuggets.


I may or may not have a slight obsession with these.

I may or may not have a slight obsession with these things.


These are pictured in Brno, with an off-brand of Kofola (a popular Czech carbonated beverage, similar to Coke, but with a slight anise-y taste), called Koala. The drink wasn’t worth the purchase, but these nuts… oh boy. They’re crunchy and spicy and bite-sized little nuggets of glory. This was the beginning of the obsession that took me through Eastern Europe.

One night in Novi Sad, Serbia, when I was classing it up in a hotel instead of a hostel, I stayed in all day to work on the blog and Vida Vegan stuff. Not even venturing out for dinner, instead I drank two beers from the minbar (at about .80 cents each, it was my first ever mini bar splurge) and ate two of these Mexicorn for dinner. It wasn’t my proudest moment, but it was definitely one of my tastiest.


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Vegan Mofo: Cookies & Scream


Vegan Mofo, known as the Vegan Month of Food to vegan bloggers everywhere, is upon us. And I’m participating for the first time. I’m keeping it short and sweet, as I’ll be training and bussing and staying in questionable lodging with questionable access to wifi throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand this September. And I’m also blogging at Vida Vegan HQ’s blog, where Jess, Michele and I are doing a Month of Memories theme.

Here’s how the weeks’ posts will be broken down, roughly:

  • Monday: Sweet Treats
  • Tuesday: Snacky Treats
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday: Around The World
  • Friday: It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

I have so many pictures from the last few months of my travels, I’m excited to share them with you all!

For the first installment, because I’ve been CRAVING vegan ice cream and cookies recently (impossible to find in Vietnam), here is an extraordinarily crave-worthy milkshake from Cookies & Scream in Camden Market, London.


Cookies and Scream in London


Sean, better known as The Fat Gay Vegan, took me here on our London afternoon outing back in June. We met up with the lovely Kip from The Messy Vegetarian Cook and all heavily indulged in some of London’s best vegan gluten-free dessert.


This little beauty is made from vegan and gluten-free vegan ice cream, soy milk, and A WHOLE peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Oh. My. Lanta. So good.


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Dalat Market

Dalat, a resort mountain town in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, is known for a few things: strawberries, tomatoes, pine trees, being the premier destination for Vietnamese honeymooners, and the only city in Vietnam without a single traffic signal.

Da lat


Dalat is also known for its market. Due to the temperate climate and cooler temperatures, Dalat grows a bounty of fruits and vegetables. The market happens every day, all day, as far as I can surmise.

Da lat Market


Most of it is a vegan’s paradise–filled with berries, avocados, mangoes, dragonfruit, lychee, Vietnamese baguettes, dried beans and rice noodles, and a plethora more. It was gorgeous.

Da lat market



Da lat market



Dalat Market



Dalat Market



On the other hand, there is also an obscene amount of dried shrimp, and I don’t even want to talk about the chickens and ducks, frogs, crabs, eels and other animals, in varying states of cages and being prepared for meals. That part I held my breath and walked quickly through, eyes straight ahead, making it safely to more baguettes and mangoes in just a few minutes.

Dalat Market


My friend Billy (who’s bebopping around Vietnam and Cambodia with me this month) and I walked through the market a few different mornings The second time, we discovered food carts in the indoor market up on the second floor. And there were several vegan/vegetarian (chay) stalls. Whaaaaaaaat?! Stoked.

Dalat Market

This is all vegan meats and noodles. Be still my heart.

I ordered one lemongrass tofu ‘chicken’ wing to sample. At .50 cents, it was worth a try (and definitely decent).

Dalat Market


At the market, I bought baguettes (obviously. My main goal on this trip is overdosing on bread, apparently), an avocado, and a mango. For dinner that night, Billy and I had avocado and green Sriracha that we found at Big C Supermarket with salt and pepper on a baguette. Simple delights, man.

The market was a delight to walk through–well, most of it–and is probably the biggest thing I loved about about Dalat. (other than temperatures below 90 degrees F, a rarity in this country).

Dalat Market

Vegan Mofo 2013: Bites From Abroad


Well. In between zipping through Vietnam on a motorbike and touring the majestic Halong Bay, I’ve decided to participate in Vegan Mofo this year for the very first time. Vegan Mofo is an annual month of food writing for vegan bloggers; it stands for The Vegan Month of Food. Vegan bloggers from around the world participate by writing as much as they can (usually a post a day every weekday) for a month. This year, that month is September. And despite the fact that I’ll be in Vietnam and Thailand with questionable WiFi and limited time to write, I’m gonna do it, y’all.

My theme: bites from abroad. I’ll post food and drink that I’ve sampled from around the world. Stay tuned!


In the meantime, here is what I’ve been eating every single day:


I'm eating all the spring rolls.