Banana Split


Thanks everyone for the incredibly sweet and thoughtful comments on my post yesterday about coping with grief. <3


My brother holding the So Delicious Banana Split Minis we found at Whole Foods on our jaunt yesterday. (Mmmmmmmmm.)


“Ness, be a banana.”




That is my best banana impersonation. It’s a pretty fair representation.

Now it’s your turn, brother.

“Ahi, be a Split!”





I don’t like fruit and cream flavors together, so I broke off the strawberry part for Bro and relished the banana and chocolate. Nice work, So Delicious.



What else did Bro and I do yesterday? We walked around, hanging out, chatting and doing things that reminded of us as Dad. Dadesque things.

We ate lunch at Mai Thai Restaurant. We ate there with Dad when it was an old-school Chinese food restaurant over decade ago.

I got the Pad See Ew: (Or as I like to call it, Pad See YUM)


Turns out, it was basically just broccoli, tofu and noodles. Would have liked a few more veggies in there, but it did satisfy my month-long Thai craving. And I do love noodles.

Bro got the Salad Rolls:


We walked over the Morrison Bridge into downtown Portland. I have never walked over the Morrison Bridge before, which is sorta a shocker, as I walk everywhere and I’ve lived in Portland a bajillion years.



Look, The Rose Festival rides are all set up! That came together quickly.


We gave money to homeless people we passed (typically I think we’d like to give food or coffee, but this just felt right yesterday), took silly pictures, and read about Taoism at Powell’s Books.

It was a really sweet day, and it definitely centered me before heading into work for restaurant Memorial Day Madness.



What family resemblance?


We saw a baby Memorial Day parade:



And took a few more silly pictures.


“Ness, lie down on the tracks.”





And I leave you with this photo. My brother, the Big Town Hero.


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  • Rachel

    No fruit flavours+cream?! How did we not discover this common ground earlier?

    Looks like a wicked-rad day. Is it weird that I’m already nostalgic for a few days ago?

    • Janessa

      Man, that means Ahi’s been making out on fruit + cream flavors for years.

      I kind of can’t believe you’re all settled in South Korea already. They don’t even have banana split ice cream sandwiches there!