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Hey, guys! I’ve had a lot of on my plate this week, but the good news is that even though I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been taking loads of pictures with the intention of blogging. Wait, that is good news, right? And I’ve been an active little Epicurious Vegan, attending gin release parties and apple tastings, working hard on Vida Vegan Con and Modified Style, working hard at my day job, making bloody marys, and  seriously LOVING the Portland Fall we’re having so far.



Some exciting things going on in the world of Portlandia:

  • Vida Vegan Con registration is opening up this week. We are so super excited about this International Vegan Blogging Awesomeness. We just cut registration for the weekend, so make sure if you’re interested (which of course you are),  head over here to check it out. If you want to be a speaker for free admission you can still register and we will refund your fees if you’re accepted.


  • Beefeater Gin released their new recipe, Beefeater 24. They threw a big party at Bluehour Restaurant (Sorry, fellow vegans. I went. Don’t worry, I thankfully didn’t see any foi gras passed around.) This gin is now released into the Portland market and is pretty amazing.

I thought I didn’t like gin. Turns out I just don’t like BORING gin. Pass me a fancy gin made by an adorable English man, and I’m a drunk and happy gin-lover.

Beefeater 24™, a new gin handcrafted with 12 botanicals, including a rare blend of teas, will debut in Seattle this fall, bringing London’s unique gin heritage and modern cocktail culture to Portland folks citywide.  Distilled in the heart of England’s capital, Beefeater 24 takes its name from the unique 24-hoursteeping process and the city’s 24-hour stylish and sophisticated lifestyle.  Created with today’s discerning spirits connoisseur in mind,Beefeater 24 is set to become a bartender darling, as it lends itself perfectly to cocktail innovation and experimentation.

DSC05756 DSC05758  DSC05760  DSC05764 DSC05772 DSC05773 DSC05777 DSC05781


  • Portland Nursery offers two weekends of apple tasting.(<— I’m hoping by changing the font to a bold green you will understand my enormous enthusiasm about this event.)  I honestly had no idea prior to last weekend that there are 40+ varieties of apples. I tried them all. So Cool. This weekend is the last to get out there.

DSC05791 DSC05793 DSC05794 DSC05795 DSC05799 DSC05800  DSC05806 DSC05808 DSC05812 DSC05814 DSC05815 DSC05817 DSC05818 DSC05823 DSC05824 DSC05827


Friday-Sunday October 8, 9, 10 2010
Friday-Sunday October 15, 16, 17, 2010
10:00am – 5:00pm

  • Living Room Theaters is a theater in Portland that specializes in making the theater feel like, well, your living room. Obviously. From the website:

Welcome to the new evolution of cinema – Living Room® Theaters — the sophisticated yet superbly comfortable environment that combines a European style café and lounge with a relaxing place to see wonderful movies. Cinema has come to its senses.

And on Mondays AND Tuesdays, admission is just $5 dollas. Get thee to Living Room Theaters, movie lover!

Make-Your-Own-Bloody-Marys and a shared cheesesteak sandwich made with daiya at DC Vegetarian prior to show is completely optional. Popcorn with brought-from-home-yeast is not.

DSC05836 DSC05838 DSC05839 DSC05840 DSC05842 DSC05843    DSC05846                 DSC05848

Oh yeah,  Heartbreaker is a French film that is ridiculously cute and lovely and has some amazing scenes with Romain Duris dancing around shirtless to the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. Ladies, can we say “YUM”? Win Win Win.

I will leave you with this heavenly little creature. Creepy or adorable? I can’t decide.


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