31 Things


Hey, guys! Thanks for all the positive feedback on my post yesterday.

And now for Part Two:


I’ve been feeling rather uninspired and lethargic (and truthfully  I should throw in a bit broken-hearted) lately. Making a list of things to get excited about and goals to accomplish is already lending a bit of pep to my step and vim to to my vigor. Or whatever. You get my drift.

Note: My 31st birthday is on February 28th, 2011. I’m going to try as hard as I can to get all these done in the next five months, but I don’t mind extending my list of 31 Things to Do to my HALF Birthday on August 28th, 2011 if necessary.


31 things to do before I’m 31 (½ ?)

1. Drive a car. Legally.

2. Learn to like beets OR eggplant

P9225133 [<—Gross]

3. Make my own amaretto

4. Start learning graphic design and mad Photoshop skillz

5. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

northern-lights-iceland [source]

6. Revisit an old destination

7. Find the best espresso shot in Portland

8. Donate to a farm sanctuary

me and piggy

9. Write a business plan

10. Go on a night hike

11. Maybe look into possibly perhaps buying a fancy new SLR Camera

12. Write love notes to my friends and family telling them how much I love them

me lovin on abby

[I freakin LOVE this picture of me and my best friend]

13. Grow my hair out

14. Make a lentil meatloaf

me cooking

15. Go sledding

16. Post a photo essay composed on the colors of Fall

17. Visit the California redwoods for my dad

my and dad love

18. Spend a day volunteering

19. Run a 5k

20. Implement and throw an International Vegan Blogging Conference [Vida Vegan Con!]


21. Attend a Quaker meeting

22. Read a book for pleasure

me beach

23. Paint a picture

24. Get another tattoo

25. Pay for the person behind me in line’s movie ticket

26. Attend a bikram yoga class

bikramyoga [source]

27. Compliment every single person I talk to in a single day

28. Make homemade Christmas presents for everyone

29. Eat raw one day a week for a month

30. Start writing in a journal again

31. Take time to smell the flowers

me roses

Some of these are already in the works and some of them haven’t even crossed my mind til I began making this list.

 What do you want to do before your next birthday? If you want to volunteer with me, or teach someone (me!) graphic design or smell flowers with me or send me a killer (no vegan pun intended) eggplant recipe, do it! Let’s find some excitement and start some adventures together.

31 Things I’ve done


The lovely Sarah Von over at the lovely Yes and Yes blog made a list of 32 things to do before her 32nd birthday.

Inspired by her, I’ve made my own list. Well, I’ve actually made two. The first is a list of things I’ve already done. Silly or magical, here or across the globe, they’re all ingredients to what makes me who I am, and I’m proud of them.

Tomorrow I’ll post Part Two: 31 Things I Haven’t Done Yet But Will Do Before I Turn 31.


31 Things I’ve done so far

1. Skinny dipped in the French Riviera on Christmas Eve

2. Moved to another country for a boy

3. Moved back from another country for my family

4. Eaten rose petal and sugar cube sandwiches

5. Volunteered as a conversational partner for a Japanese student

6. Floated in the Mediterranean Sea off the Turkish coast

7. Planned a series of successful fashion show fundraisers [modified style]

Mod Style winner (Alicia Wood, last year’s awesome winner)

8. Started this blog

9. Visited a swingers club

10. Written a 28-page thesis on nonfiction narratives and the death penalty

11. Became vegan

me mountain

12. Baked birthday cupcakes for my mom

b-day cupcakes

13. Purchased and worn a wig, just for fun

14. Ridden a Double Decker bus in London

15. Attempted to learn how to play the guitar

16. Been proposed to

17. Camped at the beach and in the mountains of Oregon

Ramona Falls (At Ramona Falls)

18. Hiked to the top of Multnomah Falls

19. Rode 20 miles in one day on a 3 speed hand-made bicycle

20. Received an anonymous love letter  

21. Bought local produce from a Farmer’s Market


22. Accepted an invitation from a Turkish captain to dine on his boat

23. Drank hot sauce after sampling a ‘miracle fruit’ pill

me and hot sauce

24. Left inspirational quotes tucked under windshield wipers

25. Grown my very own basil and sage

26. Waxed my eyebrows

27. Hugged a koala at a sanctuary

me and gandalf

28. Broken a heart

29. Had my heart broken

31. Purchased and worn a wig, just for fun

30.. Rode my bike in Portland’s annual Naked Bike Ride

 me post bike ride 

[before we took our clothes off, naturally]

31. Owned a really really cool pair of blue boots

me in chairme abby ghetto 


–> What really cool things have you done?