Camping (Plus a few delightful odds and ends)

My camping trip this weekend involved the following:

__a small plastic horse

__eating a Tasty Bite dinner I brought, and watching Andrea use some smarts in cooking it for usIt was good!

__eating french fries at the BlueBird in…what was the name of the town? Starts with a B? Bickleton? Bickford? Something like that. Population 90. About 1/2 that was on the “86ed” list posted on the wall. Hilarious.

__attempting to take pictures of deer–there were some 6 pointers! (Just found out this weekend “points” refers to how many antlers a deer has. or something. I think it’s a hunting term. Ewww.)
you have to look carefully to see them, but they’re there! And they were MUCH more majestic in person.
__watching Andrea and the guys shoot a gun (or rather, shoot bullets) at PBR cans attached to trees. They had a blast. Shooting a gun is something that I don’t think I ever want on my Have-Done list.

__spending hours in the hammock, reading and delving into deep and satisfying talks with Andrea regarding relationships, career choices, and personal growth. I reread Personal Velocity which is great collection of vignettes centering on radically different women. It was made into a movie with Parker Posey (Eeeeeee!) but I haven’t seen it yet. I also FINALLY started The Red Tent. Took me about 6 attempts over 3 years. Turns out, when you’re stuck on 20 acres of land in Eastern Washington it’s easy to give a book a second, or in this case 7th, chance. And–it’s amazing! Loving it so far. Has anyone else read it?

Okay, also, here’s some music Craig Steele sent me; it’s a rad playlist. Check out Frente–Bizarre Love Triangle.
Vgun Playlist

Oh, and I’m including a few pictures from the other night, 1st Thursday, when Dave Pendleton and I attended a party at The Wyatt (a gorgeous property that had been destined as condos, but with the Portland housing market the way it is now, they’re merely REALLY expensive rentals) and shoulder-rubbed with the rich and the hip. And later, Ingrid give Gracie drunken break-dancing lessons.This is a pepper-infused vodka with passionfruit juice and a cilantro leaf garnish. YUM!
These cupcakes below were made @ BridgePort Bakery for the party. What tasty-lookin’ morsels.
Okay, so. I’m exhausted from my stripper night last night, and am headed off to bed after my cup of tea.


Oh my goodness. I’ve been so busy with the move, and work, and then camping, that I haven’t had time to post. I meant to post days ago, about all these yummy things I’ve been eating, and then I meant to post about my camping trip. I still might post about that sometime-so much fun, and good food, good company, good sunburn? yikes.

Well, here’s a picture of our grilled pineapple . Yum.

BUT–tonight–so great I have to focus on it.

Went to Tube–Ingrid and I biked there to meet my brother Ahimsa and his wife Michelle for a show. This band is from New Zealand, but lives and plays here now. I don’t remember their name, but they were awesome. All short, energetic & cute boys. We had a blast. Ordered some food:

Meatball Sandwich with a green salad. Good, but I think the
bun was microwaved. Definitely go there for Happy Hour food. Maybe not after that. Decent, but worth $7? I dunno.

Ingrid got the Taco Platter.

Danced, chatted, told stories. Ingrid wrote messages to a boy on a napkin (the boy wasn’t on the napkin, but the messages were. Sheesh.) Some guy came up to me and asked, “So, you from Portland, or wherever?”
I said, “Portland. I don’t know where Wherever is.”

He looked at me. I looked back at him. That was the end of th
e conversation.

Ahi and Mik had to catch their bus. Ingrid and I took off for home, around midnight. We drove past Magic Gardens, an Old Town Strip Club.
“You wanna go in?”
“I dunno. You?”

We parked our bikes, were accosted by a guy in the street, wanting money and a dance (!) and we promptly decided on moving on to Union Jack’s. I h
aven’t been to this strip club in maybe a year? Maybe two? But it’s my favorite. The girls are alternative–ballet flats, leg warmers, tattoos EVERYWHERE, attitude, and sometimes big smiles.
We biked up Burnside, ordered a martini, and took a seat. Came across several fun people, who were even more fun when we decided to introduce ourselves as lesbians.

I’ve never done this before; I feel kinda cheezy when I lie to people about who I am. But tonight was… different. Everyone was so nice. The guys weren’t creepy, the girls were sweet, and the sky was limitless.

We met a couple who said they were introduced on Ashley Madison, a dating site for married people seeking extramarital affairs. Ingrid is pretty sure they’re just a really nice couple from Beaverton pretending. I fell for it. Dove into their stories, offering advice and smiles. Once Ingrid clued me into the fact that they were pretending, I felt much better about being a lesbian for the night. I would love to post pictures about this part of the evening, but it involved a lot of martini’s, a lot of boobs, and a lot of punani. No pictures allowed.

HOWEVER, Scott, or Doug as Meghan sometimes accidentally called him, offered to buy the 3 of us girls a lap dance. His lover Meghan and her two ne
w lesbian friends.
We picked our favorite and went into the best booth. Curtains, plush chairs, and a naked lady. What a nice night. The 3 of us ladies chatted a bit. Then Krista got down to business.Ummmmm…… Oh my gosh. Mmmm. Wish I could put pictures up. Never had a lap dance before. Let’s just say–if you haven’t, please go out and get one.

Closing time. Headed out and took some pictures. Biked home, a little worse for wear, but one of the funniest nights I’ve had yet. Next time I’ll write about food and drink. This time I got too caught up in strippers and affairs.

Okay, I posted a picture of the happy couple, but realized that on the off chance that they really were conducting an illicit affair, I probably shouldn’t put pictures of them online. But, rest assured, they were cute. Here’s a picture in substitute:

Last Thursday

Today I’ve been feeling very cantankerous and grouchy, so will instead focus on yesterday.

Yesterday was the last Thursday of the month. Here in Portland, that means Alberta Street turns into a big hippy/art/drink/fire dancing/food/etc party. This happens every last Thursday during the good months, folks.

It’s awesome.

I met my brother and sister-in-law for a bite to eat before we were to venture down. My friend Shelley joined us. We ate at the Vita Cafe on 30th and Alberta. This place is one of the oldest, that I know of, vegan/vegetarian restaurants in Portland. It’s the first one I ever went to, at any rate.

As a snack, my brother and Michelle and I decided to share the Spicy Tempeh Sticks with a peanut dipping sauce:
I think it’s their “chicken-fried steak” tempeh, just cut up into strips, but it was pretty good. The peanut sauce was a little thick and not very peanut-y, and the whole thing could have used more of the hot sauce, but honestly, any time I get a plate of fried tempeh I will probably be pretty happy.

Shelley showed up and the two of us split a Supergrain Salad–black and white quinoa, currants, pumpkin seeds, some other stuff I don’t remember, and a carrot ginger dressing. Nice and lite. Great meal to split after deep fried tempeh.

After dinner, we meandered over to Tour de Crepes a few blocks down. My friend Marcy and her husband John own this adorable little shop. You’ve got to go out back to this food cart thing, order, and then take a seat at their tables-half of which have old awesome doors as the table top.
We shared a vegan crepe (!) that had hazelnut liquor and dark chocolate. Mmmmm. Marcy, you’re a genius.
Michelle, Shelley and I also had a champagne cocktail. I had a belini–peach puree, a slice of peach, and champagne. They both had the raspberry lime belini. I definitely recommend stopping by here (closed Mondays and Tuesdays I think.)

We wandered a bit after that, every single bar was at capacity, and it seemed the streets and sidewalks were as well. After Shelley and I stopped by a party for a minute to say hi to our friend Maryanne, (and have a pint of IPA), we headed down to the Bye and Bye on 10th and Alberta.
All vegan bar, all the time. This place is AWESOME–it’s always so packed, and is frequented by meat-eaters and veggies alike. They have a killer meatball sub, and make some delicious braised greens and tofu.

I had a perfectly tart and sweet margarita, and was ready for bed.

Also, this really awesome thing happened to me yesterday: My review of Alu Wine Bar on Yelp was the Review of the Day! That made me pretty dang happy all day. Go check it out!

White Sangria

Today, in honor of Blog Day, I made some sangria for me, my brother Ahimsa and my FSIL–favorite sister-in-law–Michelle. We needed something summer-y and refreshing.

I put in about a cup of blueberries (left over from a great deal I found at Fred Meyer last week), one peach (it wasn’t quite ripe, but for some reason I thought the alcohol would ripen it? Weird. It, obviously, is still a little crunchy.), and one sliced lemon.
I used a bottle and a half of cheap white wine from Trader Joe’s, a half cup of “Grand Monarch” (cheap Grand Marnier) and a splash of club soda.

Chill, and enjoy.

On that note, I still have a few lemons and some blueberries to use up. Ideas? I was thinking a blueberry lemon pound cake, or blueberry cornmeal muffins/cupcakes with a lemon glaze. I might just buy a bottle of rum and make a blueberry-lemon infusion.