Vegan Mofo: Mango Sticky Rice


Last month my life changed by eating mango sticky rice in Cambodia.


I know that restaurants in the States offer mango sticky rice, but let’s be honest, dessert without chocolate is really just breakfast. It never appealed to me before.


But in Cambodia, on a rainy rainy night, after an exquisite visit to a temple and some real quality time with monkeys, I ended up at a little restaurant that inspired me to try mango sticky rice for the first time. Maybe it was the fact that the menu said it took 20 minutes to make (SO BE PATIENT) or maybe it was because it was raining so hard outside, or maybe it was because it was my travel companion Billy’s birthday and if he wasn’t going to order dessert, I sure wasn’t going to let us go dessert-less on his birthday. Whatever the reason, I ordered it and fell immediately in love. The rice was sticky sweet and slightly salty, and topped with crunchy coconut pieces, coconut milk, and fresh chunks of mango.

Mango Sticky Rice

The best.


I’ve ordered it a few times since throughout Cambodia and Thailand, and loved every incarnation of it, though none has been good as the first time in that nameless cafe in Phnom Penh. When I get back to Portland, I’m embarking on an epic mango sticky rice journey.

And with that, this Vegan Mofo series is over. Hope you guys enjoyed reading tidbits from my trip aboad, thank you for reading!

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Vegan Mofo: Potato Pancakes in The Czech Republic


Wahoo! It’s Snacky Tuesday!

Brno, in the Czech Republic, is one of my favorite places I have ever traveled to. I loved 100% of things about it.

One thing I especially loved was visiting Moravian Karst. These caves lie about 25 miles outside of Brno, and though the trip is not especially an easy one (it took a group of us four hours to get there via bus & train, though I imagine it would take less than an hour if you drive), it is so so worth it.

Looking up from the bottom of an underground cave

Looking up from the bottom of the Machoca Abyss



Before we went on the (very cold–bundle up!) underground boat tour of the Punkva caves, I saw a stand that sold a few snacky treats. Potato pancake! After an affirmative reply that the pancakes only contain potato, salt and water (no egg! Heaven.), I bought a hot little potato cake of wonder.

bites from abroad

Hot, salty round fried potato cake for .40 cents; you can’t do much better.

Unless you throw in a cold refreshing beer. Duh.

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Vegan Mofo: London Gatwick Airport Vegan Eats


Hi, welcome to ‘Round the World Thursday.

Flying in or out of London Gatwick Airport? Skip the expense and the waiting list of The Naked Chef’s decidedly (and surprisingly) un-vegan restaurant. (Seriously, for all that someone espouses unadulterated natural foods, you’d think there would be more plant-based options on the menu.) Instead, head to Pret a Manger. This sandwich and coffee chain has alternating pre-packaged sandwich options, but on the day I was there, I lucked out.




In the refrigerated pre-made sandwich section, I found a nori wrap with spinach and shredded beets. When you opt to take out instead of eat-in, you save a buck or two. Totally worth it.

The wrap itself was more than satisfactory airport food. I ended up being surprised overall by the lack of quality vegan food in London–while a very vegetarian-friendly city, it still has a way to go to be as vegan-friendly as many other cities I’ve visited. This wrap is actually one of my favorite meals I had in London. It’s unusualness– the tortilla wrapped in nori, and the fresh take on flavor combination between sea and land vegetables–definitely made it stick out from unmemorable uninspiring meals like the cheeseless & bland calzone I tried at well-lauded Amico Bio.


This wrap was my jam. A surprising tasty ending to my time in London.

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Vegan Mofo: The Hummus Bar in Budapest


Hi, welcome to snacky Tuesday! Last week I confessed my powerful love affair with Mexicorn. This week it’s….. HUMMUS.


It’s sort of strange, because hummus is such a default vegetarian/vegan option in the States that I get bored of it quite easily. But after eating across Europe, I started missing that creamy lemony chickpea spread. In Budapest, at the suggestion of my Instagram friend Huggy29, I tried The Hummus Bar.

OH MY GOD, I forgot how much I love hummus. And chickpeas in general. And pita bread. And fava beans. And everything that is good and beany and creamy in this world.

I sort of got confused when ordering, so ended up with a bowl of hummus with chickpeas as my side. Never fear. The more chickpeas the better. The salads all looked good; I ended up ordering a tomato/cucumber/onion delight that went into my little pita pocket of wonder with the hummus and chickpeas.

Magical Chickpeas

Magical Chickpeas

GIMME CHICKPEAS OR GIMME…. well, mexicorn or thyme chocolate or wine spritzers. I’m not picky.

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