Announcing the Vida Vegan Con Contest Winner!


Oh hey! Hello February! Hello sunshine (in Portland)! Hello birthday month (It’s the 28th, in case you’re keeping tabs)!


I have some news for you.

VVC 2013


We have a contest winner! ‘Member last month, when I was all, ‘hey guys, send pictures or poems or whatever your little heart desires and you may win a ticket to Vida Vegan Con this May!’? Well, someone did. And this someone, who tweets funny stuff on the twitters, is called Josh Randall.

And I shall submit to you his poetic prowess now:


Fellow Vegans are you tired of trying to squint?

My eyes are fed up from reading – all this silly tiny print

As we – the growing few – have come to our better senses

That it’s not ok to use anything as our ingredients(es?)

So to come to this Vida Vegan event – it’ll be momentous

amongst a gathering of the beautiful and conscientious

the hippys, the happies, the healthy glowing radiance

the newbs, the die hard enthusiasts and of course – the vegan militants

Knowing you are all what you eat – means I do not have to scrutinise

As I find Vegans – besides reading ingredients – are easier on the eyes…


I don’t know much about poems, but I know this: if someone includes words like momentous and conscientious, it automatically makes a poem good. And rhyming? Forget about it.  Best poem ever.


Josh, congrats! You’re the winner! I will be contacting you with details shortly.


For the rest of y’all: if you didn’t win or came to this post too late, don’t fret. Michele has a contest going on (deadline: February 28) over at Vegtastic Voyage. 


We still have a limited amount of tickets left to purchase this year in case you missed the scholarship or giveaway entries.

See you guys this May at the most fun vegan summer camp around!







Win a Ticket to Vida Vegan Con 2013!


Well, hello there! You’re looking mighty fine and chipper today.

The second annual Vida Vegan Con is quickly approaching. We have just a few months to go before the end of May, when over 300 vegan bloggers, readers, authors, professionals and all-around awesome peeps descend upon Portland for a weekend of classes, panels, exhibits, off-site pop-ups, Silent Auction + Galarama, and of course, for food and for socializing.


Janessa, Michele and Jess at Vida Vegan Con 2011’s Vegnews Reception

2011’s event brought so many people together, and forged so many new connections and ventures. It’s actually sort of insane for us to think about. 2011 also introduced the greater vegan world to Homegrown Smokers’ Macnocheeto and Sizzle Pie’s dazzling vegan pizza options.


Art Museum Outside

View from the steps of the Portland Art Museum, where Vida Vegan 2013 will be held.

This year, as tickets are rapidly selling out, I’m here to offer you, adorable readers, ONE golden ticket*. This ticket will gain you admittance to the entire weekend of classes and meals, in addition to all official off-site events. This does not include transportation or lodging.

*Valued at $330.00

Golden ticket



Here’s the deal: Vida Vegan Con 2013 is going to be sweet. Hella sweet. If you want to come but don’t want to shell out the moolah, here’s what you do:

It’s simple.

Fill in the blank: I want to attend Vida Vegan Con 2013 in Portland, Or because ______________________.


In that blank, insert whatever you think truly captures why you want to come. Write a poem, draw a picture, take a picture, submit a video, bake a pie and then blog it, do whatever YOU think best represents you and why you want to come to Vida Vegan Con 2013. This is so open because I know all y’all are incredibly talented and I want to see your mad skillz.

Submissions will be judged by me and based on the awesome/ adorable/ heartfelt/ funniness of the entries.

If you have a blog submission, link to it in the comments. If you have tumblr/ instagram/ YouTube, or if you’re blog-less cuz you’re so off the grid baby but you still want to come to Portland to eat food and meet people (good on you), submit your entry to me via email (theveganword at I will be posting all entries on the blog, so no naked photos, sorry.

–> Deadline to enter: Monday February 18 <–

Get creative, ladies and gents! I can’t wait to see what you submit, and I can’t wait to see you at Vida Vegan Con 2013!!

**Vida Vegan Tech Seminar Giveaway**


Oh, HI, GUYS!!!

Pardon me, I’m drinking coffee for the first time in 12 days. WHOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!

I also happen to be very excited to announce that I’m doing a giveway right here on this ol’ blog.

Guess what for???


Give up?


It’s the…………..



Vida Vegan Seminar Series: Tech

When: Saturday, November 3. 9am-5pm

Where: The Sexy Seattle Public Library

How Come: Because Jess, Michele and I love you and want you to learn all the ins and outs of techy blogging so vegan blogs can take over the worrrrrld.

This ticket includes 100% complimentary full-access registration to the first (of many!) specialized one-day seminars.This first one is all tech, all the time. A lot of the feedback we got from VVC1 suggested even more focus on techy stuff. You talked, we listened!

The line-up is looking stellar—see this page for details on speakers and classes.  We’re so thankful to be able to gather together some truly top-notch experts in the vegan tech field. And, in case you haven’t heard, guess who’s providing lunch? Only the makers of the best salads and sandwiches and buffalo wings and peach iced tea in the multiverse(drum roll please): VEGGIE GRILL.



* Winner gets complimentary full-day pass to the entire tech seminar.

* This covers the day of classes, a coursebook with materials provided by our speakers, lunch and snacks, and a notebook.

* Must provide own transportation and lodging, if coming from outside of Seattle.


You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Q. Do I need to be a vegan to enter?

A. Nope. The lunch may be vegan, but the content is universal. If you’re interested in learning more in-depth blogging skillz, you’ll get a lot of this seminar, vegan or not.

Q. How do I enter?

A. Comment below about 1.) something you’re interested in learning in the blogging technical sphere. 2.) Or, if you know everything already, leave a comment with your favorite vegan spot to eat in Seattle.

Q. Who’s eligible?

A. Anyone who wants to come and can make it to Seattle on Saturday, November 3!

Q. When and how do I know if I won?

A. You have until Wednesday, September 26 to enter. That will give the winner plenty of time to make travel arrangements if needed. I’ll randomly pick a winner and announce it on here, Facebook and Twitter, so stay tuned.

Q. I entered, but I didn’t win.And now I wanna go so hard. How do I buy a ticket?

A. If we still have tickets available, you can purchase them here.


Good luck, lovelies!