A 2010 Retrospective

Hello, everyone.

Welp, here we are. The end of 2010. The time for reflecting over events and people from the past year and look forward to what the new year has in store for us.

me exploring in mexico In Mexico, December 2008

I for one am gleefully looking toward the future. 2010 has been an intense year for me and though I have no idea what’s in store for me in 2011, I can say that I feel confident I will rise to meet the challenges that may come and I will continue to take joy in the little and big moments that will make up my future year.

me roses

And now for a bit of self-indulgence, which I hope doesn’t bore you, but it’s my blog and I’m drinking tea and ruminating and feeling self-indulgent, so thank you for bearing with me. ;]

2010 has been an intensely felt year.

There has been so much emotion, pain, growth, and change churning around in this little island of me in 2010. This year has encompassed so much. From the passing of my grandma to the sudden illness and heartbreaking death of my dad, my insides are still trying to make sense of it all. Sometimes more successfully than others. I desperately miss my dad. Over Christmas, though, my family took a trip down to the California Redwoods. I found a perfect little babbling brook for him, just like he asked.


This has been a year of changes. I left two jobs, moved, stayed by my dad’s side for his sudden and staggering illness, put on a successful fashion show fundraiser and began the process for planning next year’s show, maintained this blog, conceived and began planning an international blogging conference, took charge of the 5 month estate monetary process of my dad’s death, hired a lawyer for the first time in my life, ended my two + year relationship with my boyfriend, considered a move to New York, started a new job, and had a handful of other ridiculous, intense, delightful and sad events that won’t make it onto this blog.



I’ve felt at alternate times incredibly empty and also incredibly full and overwhelmed. Throughout it all, I’ve also felt incredibly supported and loved by near and dear ones.These last few years have been immense and powerful for many people. I’m hoping the rush of events and emotions are slowing down and giving us all time to let out a collective sigh and start moving forward. I’m seeing little examples of this in friends’ and family members’ lives, and can only hope this will hold true for others and for myself in the year 2011.


I couldn’t have done this year without all of you. Thank you to the people who have lent their support through reading this blog or staying up to date on Facebook and Twitter; attending Modified Style; showing interest in Vida Vegan Con, comforting me when I felt like I may be breaking; hugged me; kissed me; shared a martini or cup of hot tea with me, listened to me waxing poetic and life and all it’s infinite puzzles, and for all those infinite little things that make up how wonderful each of you are.


A particular and grateful love goes to my mom, who became a marble pillar for me to lean on when my dad became ill; my older brother who traveled back from South Korea to be his great big wonderful big-brother self (and for bringing the amazing Rachel with him); Lid and Millie, for being two of the loveliest people in my life; Shelley and Laura for being so incredibly wonderful in every single way; Jess and Michele for being most excellent co-organizers; Abby, quite simply for being herself and being in my life; and Rob, who gave so much to me and was exactly who I wanted by my side for so long.

oldtimeypicme and my mom in 1981

vegan talkme and Jess at a vegan talk in Summer 2010

me and shelley turkey me and Shelley in Cappadocia,Turkey, 2009

me rob esbme and Rob goofing around in New York, Feb 2010

me video games me and Laura playing video games, 2009

DSC05921my brother, about to eat 50 toffuffalo, fall 2010

DSC05973 manicures with Lid, winter 2010

me abby festival me and Abby at Blues Festival, summer 2010

I’m looking forward to 2011–to learning more about myself and moving forward and further away from this year’s grief and into a new kind of happiness. I’m looking forward to Modified Style 2011 and the first ever International Vegan Bloggers Conference in August 2011. To moving toward more love and adventure and the wonderful nitty-grittiness of life. I don’t know what my future holds, but I have a feeling there’s some really juicy stuff coming up in my future.



Happy New Year, everyone, and may your 2011 be as glorious as possible. Thanks for reading.

A Day in the Life


Wednesday September 29th.


I woke up to a new hair cut and color, and proceeded to take a self portrait that any self-respecting 7th grader would be proud of.

I am a teenager.

I worked on the LLC for Vida Vegan Con. Vida Vegan Con is a super duper International Vegan Blogging Conference, coming to Portland next August 2011.



I wrote emails, paid bills, washed laundry, did dishes, and drank a cup of Epicurious Vegan-style coffee.


                   coffeehome3                        coffeehome2


I baked mini banana bread muffins with an adorable little dollop of chocolate chip on top (recipe loosely adapted from the PPK):

               DSC05692            DSC05694 



I wrote two yelp reviews.


I painted my fingernails and toenails. Messily, but whatevs. I saved $20 by not going to a salon.




I made a few appointments to view venue spaces for Modified Style. For those new to my blog, Modified Style is an annual fundraiser and fashion show I organize with two ladies. We collect scraps of fabric and the designers–with zero or a bunch of experience- have a few months to create a wearable design. The fashion show serves to raise money for three local area non-profits: Sisters of the Road Cafe, Caldera, and Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary.

It was fun going to check out the different venues.



  I ordered a new back for my Palm Pixi online. It’s falling apart. I stuck with the bright blue one (my favorite color):


blue back


I needed to use up my beer card (a lovely benefit of working for a brewpub) so had a glorious ESB from the BridgePort Ale House. That went down easy, which is when I decided I needed new fall clothes.


Oh, hello.



Skirts! Sweaters!  A purple dress! Hurray!




For dinner I had a friend coming over and quickly made a ridiculous meal that turned out surprisingly good.

Caramelized Onion & Three Lentil Soup and a Daiya Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


DSC05702 DSC05703

DSC05709 DSC05710


After dinner,I met another friend for a glass of wine at Gold Dust Meridian. I was actually there the night before, working on the Vida Vegan Con LLC and forgot to tip on a glass of wine they gave me for free. I felt like a douche, so went back to tip. Incidentally, their claims to fame are party bowls and… CHAMPAGNE COCKTAILS.



I obviously love it.


It was a lovely day off. Now today it’s back to work! If you live in Portland, don’t forget that it’s Last Thursday, and it’s supposed to be 85 degrees today. What the dickens?! 85 degrees! It’s like it’s still summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Go check out some art and some drinks and some vegan goodies from Back to Eden.

MODIFIED STYLE ’10: A Call to Artists

Modified Style: Inspiring social transformation through sustainable art & fashion


(a few of the dresses that were made from scrap fabric for Modified Style ’09)

If you’re interested in sewing, creativity, helping raise money for awesome Portland-area non-profits, or having a rockin’ good time at a fashion show, then you may be interested in Modified Style: Transformed Fashion Show.

It’s all for fun!
What is Modified Style?

Modified Style is an annual fashion show and benefit that began in Seattle in 2008. The co-chairs of Portland’s Modified Style, Andrea Fretwell and Janessa Philemon-Kerp, brought it down to Portland in May 2009.

We are committed to raising awareness of select local non-profit organizations by featuring unique and wearable fashion created using sustainable practices by participants of all skill levels.

Modified Style ’09:

  • Successfully raised almost $2,000 in the first year
  • Inspired creativity in 30 designers
  • Inspired confidence in 30 models
  • Stephanie Ortman from Fox12 News emceed
  • Prizes and donations from BridgePort Brewpub, PGE Park, Portland Center Stage, Honest Tea, Nike, Scrap, Thai Massage Clinic, and many more.
  • Silent Auction
  • Raised awareness and funds for Farm Sanctuary, Sisters of the Road, and Junior Achievement.

If you wish to participate in Modified Style ’10, email us at modifiedstyle@gmail.com. Please include your contact information as well as your model’s contact information. The closing date for signing up as a designer is February 25th, 2010. We will try to get all donated scrap fabric out to the designers by March 15th, leaving you approximately 2 months to make a wearable creation for a model that you choose.  Your model will show your dress at the Transformed Fashion Show  in May 2010. The event will be judged, and the top picks will receive a small prize (it’s mostly for fun). A silent auction of the dresses will enable us to donate proceeds to Sisters of the Road, Out to Pasture Farm Sanctuary, and Caldera.

No sewing experience is necessary, just a creative urge or a desire to learn!

Rules and Guidelines will be emailed to designers and models by March 15th.


Facebook Page
How to Sew
How to make a sewing form
Dress making 101
Sewing Book

Interested Participants RSVP to
by February 25th

We are requesting a $25 donation from each participant. This goes to cover the cost of the room, equipment rental, copies, and all other incidental costs related to the event.  Everyone is welcome to participate whether they can afford the donation or not.  All proceeds benefit:  Sisters of the Road CafeOut to Pasture Farm Sanctuary and Caldera.

****Donations of fabric are welcome as well.****

If you or someone you know would like model, please let us know!

Please mail monetary and fabric donations to:
Modified Style
PO Box 10624
Portland, Oregon
by February 25th

Modified Style

Andrea, her boyfriend Ryan, and I all made the quick drive up to Seattle yesterday. We saw a cute dog on the way:

This Seattle trip was for a fashion show called Modified Style. Each designer paid ten dollars and received a bag of scrap material. After choosing a model, the designer has to make an original dress. Andrea, who had never sewn before, decided to jump in and do it, and she picked me to be her model. She’s been working on it for a few months, in addition to a full-time job and finishing her MBA. Busy girl!

The dresses are sold in a silent auction, with the proceeds going to charity. There were 9 of us models total, 2 of us being under the age of 10. 🙂 We all had a blast.

I don’t have any pictures of my dress yet, but I’ll post them when I do. Here are some pictures of the night:

Alice, on the left, co-produced this fashion show and made a dress. Rose, to her right, was her model.

Me and Erin Wong, who lives in Seattle now.

Here’s Andrea and Ryan:

I drank *way* too much wine and sangria, ate *way* too many nachos after it was over, and the 3 of us passed out by 9:30 pm. Yikes! I woke up really early though and went for a walk along Green Lake.

This was a blast and Andrea and I are already in the planning stages for a Modified Style: Portland.
If anyone is interested in designing or modeling, let me know!