The Night I’ve Been Waiting For…

I made a big bowl of popcorn with melted earth balance, heaps of nutritional yeast, salt, a dash of liquid aminos, garlic powder, paprika, and spike. Oh and some black pepper. Popped a can of Hansen’s Ginger Ale, grabbed my wombat, and am about to watch a movie.
Cinema Paradiso. Has anyone seen it? I’ve had it from Netflix for about 3 weeks now.
My popcorn is a little too salty, but that is cured by a refreshing swig of my ginger ale.
I have been wanting my own popcorn and movie night for SO LONG.

But, before my long-awaited date with myself, THIS happened:

The story about this later. But for now, I’ve got an Italian movie from 1988 calling my name…