White Sangria

Today, in honor of Blog Day, I made some sangria for me, my brother Ahimsa and my FSIL–favorite sister-in-law–Michelle. We needed something summer-y and refreshing.

I put in about a cup of blueberries (left over from a great deal I found at Fred Meyer last week), one peach (it wasn’t quite ripe, but for some reason I thought the alcohol would ripen it? Weird. It, obviously, is still a little crunchy.), and one sliced lemon.
I used a bottle and a half of cheap white wine from Trader Joe’s, a half cup of “Grand Monarch” (cheap Grand Marnier) and a splash of club soda.

Chill, and enjoy.

On that note, I still have a few lemons and some blueberries to use up. Ideas? I was thinking a blueberry lemon pound cake, or blueberry cornmeal muffins/cupcakes with a lemon glaze. I might just buy a bottle of rum and make a blueberry-lemon infusion.