Chick’n and Waffles



Chick’n and Waffles:

They’re gorgeous, they’re under ten bucks, and they’re INTRIGUING.

Seriously, guys. I can’t tell if I even like these or not, but I know that I think about the savory tofu-chicken, the perfect little waffle, and the cheapo not-even-real maple syrup ALL THE TIME.

I’ve ordered this twice since they appeared on the updated Hungry Tiger Too* menu. Each time I’ve eaten half. Half the waffle and one piece of the crazy tofu-chicken. My mind can’t even begin to wrap around ordering the four-piece meal. If you go and eat four pieces of crazy tofu-chicken with waffle, tell me. Better yet, invite me. I want to watch.

If you’re coming for Vida Vegan Con this August, my advice to you is this: Go here. Order the toffuffalo, the chick’n and waffles and a couple of corn dogs. Eat them all. Do it.

Then get on with you life. Resume eating plants and kale and green smoothies and flax seeds and all the stuff that we vegans like to eat. Don’t get pulled back in. Don’t look back.

* Hungry Tiger Too does not have a real website. They have a My Space page and the Yelp page. I linked to the Yelp one out of stubbornness.

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