Easy ‘Cheesy’ Broccoli Soup with Dumplings



What do you do when you’re off work, starving and freshly showered with no way in hell of going out to the grocery store?

You improvise.

Remembering Mama Pea’s awesome soup recipe, I scoured my freezer for vegetables I could throw in my lovely Vitamix. I found edamame and broccoli.  A little soy-ed out from Man V Tofood’s food challenge the previous night, I chose broccoli.

Realizing that frozen broccoli and almond milk wouldn’t quite fill me up, I found about 1/4 cup of white flour in my pantry and some semolina flour. I mixed the two together with water, and dropped by the spoonful into my bubbling soup.

I was hesitant to try it, as some of my wham-bam-anything-but-the-kitchen-sink creations don’t turn out that well. This one was divine though. It was cheesy, creamy, vegetable-y and the perfect vegan soup for a crisp fall night.


Easy ‘Cheesy’ Broccoli Soup with Dumplings

  • 3/4 bag (about 1 1/2 cups) frozen broccoli
  • 1/2 cup plain almond milk
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 T flour
  • 1 tsp salt

Blend together all ingredients (reserving 1/4 cup of broccoli to the side) until creamy, about 30 seconds to a minute. Pour into soup pot, heat on medium. Add remaining frozen broccoli pieces. Drop in dumplings. Stir. When the soup is heated through and the dumplings cooked through (5-10 minutes), serve.

Sprinkle cayenne or fresh black pepper if you like it spicy.

Serves 2


I was honestly hesitant to try it, as some of my wham-bam-anything-but-the-kitchen-sink creations don’t turn out that well. But it was delicious, especially for taking all of of twenty minutes.


broccoli-soup (Source)


Lessons learned:

  • This soup goes really well with a glass of wine. Or two.
  • I need to go grocery shopping, stat. Good thing this store just opened down the street.
  • My Vitamix was worth every single penny. All forty thousand of them.

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  • Mmmmm, this looks AWESOME.
    I grew up in a Russian German family and we put little drop dumplings in EVERYTHING! Borscht, potato soup (yes, seems like overkill, starchy wonderfulness), corn chowder, beer-cheese soup, all good with dumplings!!
    So glad to have run across your blog, I’m just a little north of you in the Seattle area and LOVE LOVE Portland!!

    • That’s so good to know, I thought I was weird for putting dumplings in my broccoli soup, I haven’t ever heard of that before.

      Dumplings are perfect though, cuz they’re like mini-biscuits already submerged!

      • Well, I do have to say I’ve never seen it specifically in broccoli soup – but all the better, you’re an original!! And seriously – why not?
        Crackers-croutons-biscuits-dumplings… not a lot of difference really!!

        • Janessa

          Agreed! And dumplings are way easier than biscuits–from now, I’m adding dumplings to ALL my soups. 😀