hey guys. i’m on hiatus.

wanna know why, question mark.

because both of my jerky laptop shift keys are broken. this means; no capital letters, no symbols, no punctuation, no smiley faces, no hearts, no parenthesis…. jeeeez, it makes it hard to type. AND HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CONVEY EMOTION, QUESTION MARK AND EXCLAMATION POINT.

so i’m going blog-less or just picture bloggy for awhile til i get this situation figured out. thinking of bussing out to jantzen beach best buy [blurgggghhhh] to see what they can do for my defunct netbook.

in the meantime, here’s a picture of earrings i just bought on etsy, colon.



——– mismatched earrings are my new favorite things. how adorable.

my next post will probably be a whole buncha pictures again, unless you want more lowercase nonsensical ramblings. which i’d advise against.




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  • I personally like reading the punctuation all spelled out.

    • haha, it makes it more interesting, for sure!

  • thanksgiving day online sales! you’ll find something awesome–that’s the only time we buy anything (with our assumed x-mas moneygifts).

    • great idea, michele. thanks. oxox

  • anna

    remember when you used to hate emoticons, i.e. smiley faces and hearts?
    also, maybe i can go do #24 with you when i come visit next year. just maybe

    • anna, they were the worst. still hate the ‘lol’ers though. oooof.

      24, really/// yay11111111111