Kale Chips, Alpacas and Sunny Day Shenanigans


Hi guys! I have a blog! This is it. I seem to forget sometimes.


Guess what? I got a dehydrator for Christmas. It took me six months to plug it in, use it, and then read the instruction manual. Turns out it’s remarkably easy to use, and makes the most phenomenal kale chips. All I had to do was plug it in and turn it on—there aren’t even any temperature settings on there, so there are, like, minimal ways I can mess up using it.


Last week I made a cheesy nut-free sauce to coat the kale. I used tahini, yellow pepper, mustard, coconut liquid aminos (my roomie is soy-free, so no soy sauce), yeast, and jalapeño pepper.



Into the beloved Vitamix went these ingredients. I tossed the Dinosaur Kale (RAWR. Doesn’t this kale LOOK dinosaury?) in the ‘cheesy’ sauce and laid out the kale on the 5 racks. I thought it was going to take 14 hours or something ridiculous.

But, no—they were ready in just over 2 hours! I wonder if it’s because the internal temperature is higher than normal for dehydrators? Dunno, but I was stoked.

This week, today, I’m making lemon dill kale chips.

I didn’t feel like going through all the work of making my Vitamix dirty (it’s my Saturday, I’m lazy). I mixed together olive oil, lots and lots of dill, fresh lemon juice, coconut aminos, a touch of rice vinegar, sea salt and cayenne.

They’re dehydrating right now, but I tried a bite before I trayed them up and they’re going to be great, I can feel it in my vegan bones.

FYI: My brand of dehydrator is called Nesco.


What else have I been up to, besides finding new and exciting ways to eat kale and using my Christmas present for the first time in July?

I’ve been drinking a lot of Vega. I love the berry kind in smoothies, but recently got sent a few samples of other kinds to try.


It took me awhile to get into the taste of Vega (and I still can’t behind the chocolate) but I’m loving the berry and the tropical flavors. I add ‘em to my morning smoothies (usually a spinach/kale mix with banana, frozen fruit and orange juice) and they give me SO MANY NUTRIENTS and added energy.


What else have I been up to? Oh, so much.

I’ve dined on the rooftop at Departure (BEST and current vegan food favorite in Portland);



picked cherries from my mom’s cherry tree on a recent visit home;




Fell in love with some alpacas on the same trip;


I call this one “Grandpa” because just LOOK at those eyebrows.



This one I call Ringo.


drank way too much cider on a sunny patio with friends (on multiple occasions);




ran (<—I use that term loosely) a muddy 5k in the woods with my bestie;




played in the kitchen a few times;


Chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fresh raspberries made for my mom’s birthday



Chickpea Blondies. My new favorite recipe. I’ve made them three times this summer already.



Potato shells stuffed with kale and corn


…and dined at Portobello with some Vida Vegan Con friends:




I’ve also been hard at work on Vida Vegan Con; our early bird registration tickets sold out within 24 hours!! Don’t worry, we still have tickets available; if you’re interested in spending a weekend in Portland with a bunch of amazing inspirational fellow vegans and eating as much vegan junk food as your body can handle, come to Portland next May! Info on tickets available here.

And here’s one more picture to close out this post:



Portland’s pretty.

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