Labor Day and Autumn Eats and Drinks


Happy Labor Day!

Did you know that Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday, in 1887 (According to Wikipedia)? Let’s hear it for Oregon!

I typically celebrate Labor Day by working (a common malady in the service industry), but if you are the type to have a three-day holiday weekend, here is a collection of perfect-for-fall recipes for Labor Day and beyond. Autumn is my favorite season, so I’m realllllly looking forward to pumpkin and root vegetables and corn and warm drinks and did I mention pumpkin?


Golden Beer-Battered Tempeh Nuggets (<—My mom’s recipe!)


This is my mom’s recipe. I might be biased, but she is basically a culinary genius, plus she has a blog. Plus, she’s really cute.




Dijon Dill Pasta Salad


This is the best pasta salad in the universe. The multi-verse. Forever and Ever. Etc.


Vegan Dijon Dill Burger with Cold Soba Noodle Salad

Dijon Dill Vegan Burger

The soba noodle salad is from vegan wonder-woman Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.  The burger is a concoction from my kitchen, and easily adaptable for your personal likes and dislikes.


Farmer’s Market Caprese Fettuccini (gluten-free)


Basil makes my world go ‘round. This recipe calls for basil, big juicy tomatoes, balsamic reduction, and gluten-free fettuccini noodles.


Mac and Cheese

vegan mac and cheese with field roast

This recipe is as old as the hills. It’s from 2008. When I make macaroni and cheese, I usually make some variation of this recipe. Lately I’ve been adding broccoli and bread crumbs to the top before toasting it.

For a Man Vs Tofood video featuring another Mac and Cheese recipe of mine, click here.


Individual Baked Apple


Raw oats are polarizing, but if you don’t like raw oats (weirdo), just leave ‘em out. It’s worth it.


Dance Magic Bars



These were inspired by Jenna’s recipe some time back. They’re vegan Magic bars and they’re wonderful.


Cashew Cream Tart with Sugared Berries

Cashew Cream Tarts with Sugared Berries

These little suckers are just delightful. They’d be great with big ripe juicy fall peaches.


Spiced Pumpkin Pie Cocktail with Maple Oatmeal infused Rum

Pumpkin Pie Cocktail

You heard that right.

Please excuse the picture. It’s a reverse ratio: For as boring as this photo looks, the drink tastes that good. What’s that? Yes, it does have to be really good then, huh? Trust me, it is.


Vegan Baileys Whipped Cashew Cream

vegan baileys small

If you’ve tried my recipe for vegan Baileys Irish cream, you could take it to the next level and make baileys whip cream for all the pumpkin pies you’ll be making come pumpkin season. You can eat this with a spoon (and if you do, I won’t tell anyone).


Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

pumpkin pie smoothie

Mini Pumpkin Pies because I have no picture of this smoothie.

This is your basic pumpkin pie smoothie recipe. I make this every fall as much as humanly possible. I still stick with this recipe, but now I add a banana to it.


Hope you enjoy the tail-end of summer and the beginning of fall! Happy Labor Day, everyone!


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  • JL

    All great ideas!

  • Wow–these recipes look so good that I can’t pick which one to try first!

  • The Spicy Vegan

    Pumpkin pie smoothies! I can’t wait until fall. Great recipes! Thanks for sharing!