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I love Christmas time! Look, an ornament:


Anyway, a good friend came into town today with her boyfriend. We lunched at Blossoming Lotus,  a vegan restaurant with loads of gluten-free and raw options. It was my first time for lunch since they moved over a year ago. I have been a few times for brunch and really enjoyed it.. I looked at their website for their current menu, and everything looked so good, I couldn’t decide. I asked for advice on Twitter. Luckily, @LorriePage steered me toward the Garden Wrap.

Garden Veggie Wrap $7
pesto & white bean spread, carrot, tomato, cucumber, beets, romaine, sprouts, and roasted garlic vinaigrette, wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

I knew I wanted to get this as soon as I read ‘pesto and white bean spread’. Look closely though, hiding nonchalantly between the cucumber and the romaine: BEETS. Gah. I thought of my 31 things (learning to like beets is #2 on my list) and made the decision. Garden Veggie Wrap for me.

My friends took a little longer to decide. Blossoming Lotus no longer has the Salud Salad, one of our old favorites. Ultimately, we couldn’t choose between all the great choices so we decided to order four entrees. Naturally.

In addition to the Garden Veggie Wrap, we chose:

Live Nachos $9
spiced tomato & walnut chips, zucchini tahini nacho cheese and ground walnut chorizo, topped with onion, tomato, cilantro, scallion, cashew sour cream and avocado ranch, served with a lime wedge

Green Goddess Bowl $9
steamed greens, mixed greens, sprouts, with avocado ranch and roasted garlic balsamic vinaigrette, topped with sesame seeds, served with a choice of brown rice or quinoa

Spicy Butternut & Black Bean Chili Quesadilla $11
whole wheat tortilla with spicy  butternut & black bean chili, ground walnut chorizo, zucchini tahini nacho cheese, scallion, avocado ranch and roasted red pepper sour cream served with blue corn chips

We started with the Nachos.


The nachos have a great flavor—the walnut chorizo was spicy and a little crunchy, adding great texture to the live chips. The zucchini tahini nacho cheese was this delightfully tangy bright orange sauce that was surprisingly good. The others two sauces were cooler and didn’t stand out from one another flavor-wise, but melded with the rest of the dish really well.

I’m glad we shared them: I don’t know if I could have eaten all four for one meal. This seems to be particularly the case for all dishes at Blo Lo, it seems. They’re greater to share with others than eat it all yourself.


That said, if I had to eat all the Garden Veggie Wrap, I wouldn’t be a sad Epicurious Vegan. This wrap was delicious. The white bean pesto dip was divine, and I could probably use double the amount. Hell, I could just order a bowl of it and be happy. Great flavors and filling, and I even managed to choke down the beets for my 1/4 of the wrap.



Until I got to the end. I pulled out 3 slivers of beets and left them on my plate. Baby steps, people.


The Green Goddess Bowl sounded intriguing, but in truth was a little bland for my taste.



The green goddess dressing and garlic vinaigrette both seemed to be applied only slightly, leading to a big bowl of brown rice and greens with sprouts. We added the optional avocado to the bowl, too. Healthy, sure, and definitely eat-able, but more sauce would make this more enjoyable. That said, it did contribute greatly to the last dish: The Quesadilla.


The Spicy Butternut & Black Bean Chili Quesadilla had a lovely presentation. Four wedges of quesadilla with a side of dipping sauce (Thank goodness—the sauces at Blo Lo have to be one of my favorite things, I’m realizing.  I’m glad this one came with extra sauce.) and some blue corn chips with 2 sauces and green onions on them.


I took the greens, the rice, and the avocado from the Green Goddess Bowl and put it in between my quesadilla tortilla pieces. Good idea, if I do say so myself. *Pats myself on back”

It elevated both dishes to supreme deliciousness. I smeared the sauce all over the top of the tortilla and then was truly blissed out.


All the food got eaten. We were full and happy customers by the end of our meal. Their sauces are outright outrageously delicious. If I go back by myself without a partner to share with, I’ll probably order one of their bowls and a side of 3 or 4 sauces.

Or all their sauces with a side of rice. 😀

Not being able to *not* look at the dessert menu, I ordered the vanilla soft serve and my friend and her boyfriend ordered the live fudge.


[how cute is this picture of my friend and her boyfriend with the live fudge?! <3)


I’ve always loved their soft serve. Today wasn’t quite the A+ it’s been for me in the past. It could be because it’s vanilla, which I don’t usually order; it could be my tastes are changing and frozen sugar doesn’t quite taste as good anymore (I find that one hard to believe) or it could be it wasn’t a good batch. I dunno. But I’ll be back to find out and try again, for sure. For science.

Blossoming Lotus is a great place for a healthy filling meal. Since they moved, they’ve had fantastic and professional service, an always creative and rotating menu, and options for just about everyone. Now the only thing left on my Blossoming Lotus Dance Card is dinner. I need to go back within the week, to eat this weekly dinner special:

Lotus Wellington savory seitan sirloin wrapped in a mushroom fresh herb pate and phyllo dough served stewed Brussels sprouts and carrots with a golden beet and ginger puree $15



If anyone eats this within the week while it’s on the menu, please save some for me. I neeeeeeeed it.

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  • i will totally eat the beets you don’t want!!

    • Thank you Karla. One day I will like beets and won’t need a beet-eating friend, but until that day comes, I will take all the beet-eating friends I can get. You’re on.

  • Hey there, vegan from Oklahoma here. I’d just like to point out how lucky you Portlandians are to have a restaurant that’s not just vegetarian, but vegan. Cherish it.

    If things go well, my girlfriend and I will be moving there sometime next year. But until then we’ll be busy dodging the cuts of beef that are thrown at us (figuratively) on a daily basis.

    • Janessa


      I definitely am incredibly lucky to be surrounded by SO MUCH VEGAN food in Portland. I love it!

  • I hated beets until I had the beet tartar appetizer at Madeleine Bistro in LA. Have you been there? Divine!

    Thanks for this review. My friend I’m staying with turns her nose up at BL because she didn’t enjoy her food and won’t give it another chance. Guess I will have to go on my own!

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