Man Vs Tofood, episode 3

Okay folks. Have you heard of Man Vs Tofood? It’s kinda like Man Vs Food, but instead of eating gross or weird animal-y meals, this Man eats plant-based foods. And lots of them.

Man v. Tofood is a reality series filmed in Portland, Oregon and each episode airs online. The program’s host, Ahimsa Kerp, has eaten foods from Australia to South Korea to Cave Junction to Edinburgh and back on home to Portland. He is definitely a man who knows his vegan food. His producers, Rachel Hadfield and Janessa Philemon-Kerp (that’s ME), accompany him for filming and eating purposes.

Ahimsa (aka “Man”) takes on the dangerously filling vegan food of Portland. When there’s tofu to be eaten, he’ll be there.

This third episode features yours truly, the Epicurious Vegan herself. I made White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with a cashew roux and daiya. Then I incorporated smoked maple tempeh ‘bacon’. It fit in a 9×9 pan. It was a ridiculous amount of food: 8 servings of noodles, half a pound of cashews, 1/2 bag of daiya, a block of tempeh, and all the other miscellaneous top secret ingredients.

So does he eat the whole thing?

You’ll have to watch to see the outcome.

Man vs Tofu: Macaroni Mission (Episode 3) from Ahimsa Kerp on Vimeo.

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