Man Vs Tofood; Toffufalo Soldier


Hi guys! Last week the production crew filmed another episode of Man Vs Tofood. You might have seen my 30,000 tweets about it if you follow me on twitter.

 [missed the last episode? watch it here]

Man Vs Tofood is:

Man: Ahimsa Kerp (my brother, naturally)

Hungry Tiger Too offers .40 cent ‘toffufalo wings’ on Thursdays. These are essentially big slabs of deep-fried tofu slathered in your choice of bbq sauce or hot sauce with a side of vegan ranch and celery.

When I’m really hungry, I might order 10.When a person with a huge appetite is really hungry, they may order 20.  Well, Man ordered fifty. FIFTY. It seemed totally doable. Then we saw the plate. Then we saw the other plate. Holy bbq sauce.


Does he win? Does he eat all fifty pieces of Toffufalo? WITH ranch? Does our camera run out of battery after filming for so long?

Check it and see:


Man vs Tofu: Tofufalo Soldier (Episode 4) from Ahimsa Kerp on Vimeo.

What do you guys think? I think he holds the all-time all-time record. I don’t think anyone can beat him and eat more than 50 pieces of toffufalo. (<— I am aghast that ‘toffualo’ isn’t recognized in spellcheck.)

Thanks for watching! Once Man’s stomach returns to normal and we decide on the next challenge, I will post it here. You can also find him on facebook and follow him on twitter.

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