Oh, hello again.


Hi there. What have you been up to?

Me, I’ve been busy.

Busy taking pictures of (almost) every little thing I’ve been up to and practicing the skilled art of not-blogging about any of it.You may have heard of it. I have now achieved expert status in not-blogging.

While I am very proud of this status I’ve achieved, I am prepared to get all zen-like and move beyond not-blogging back into the realm of blogging-for-reals. It’s time. If only to get all these pictures off my memory card and into the Epicurious Vegan archives.

And with that, here we gooooooooooo:



Monday, October 17

Wine tasting and buying with co-workers:



These pictures are kinda boring, but it’s probably because I got tipsy way too soon to remember to take any good photos of the wine, the Champagne (the fancy stuff actually from the Champagne region of France), or the company.


Monday, October 24

Hosting a Naked Lady Party:

P1030449  P1030451

P1030453  P1030452

We displayed everything on racks and all of us ladies went to town. Have you been to one before? A group of gals gather their unwanted clothes, jewelry and accessories and bring them together to swap for new-to-them goods. It’s fun and a more sustainable way to ‘shop’ than buying new clothes.


As hosts, my roommate and I provided the food.

White and Green Pizza with mozzarella Daiya:

P1030457   P1030464



P1030458  P1030465

Mochi is made from rice. It’s all flat and uninspiring before you bake it, then it POOFS up into a chewy and delightful (gluten-free) snack within minutes. I love this stuff.


Can’t have a (worthwhile) party without popcorn: 



Carrots and jalapeño cilantro hummus (this hummus is STELLAR), another option for the gluten-free darlings in attendance. 




Tuesday, October 25

On a beautiful fall day, I headed out to Sauvie Island with my good friend Zach to navigate the treacherous Corn Maize and pick out a perfect pumpkin.







Then we stuffed ourselves silly at El Nutri Taco Cart on Alberta. These are my favorite nachos in Portland. Just look at them. I’ve never had a chimichunga (deep-fried burrito) before, and oh my stars, it sure was decadent.


P1030574 P1030575


Sunday, October 30

I took a Sunday off of work and went out breakfast with my friends Millie and Colin. We ate at the Nightlight Lounge (BEST tofu scramble in Portland) and drank bottomless mimosas (I had four) before wig shopping.


We each purchased our respective wigs. Don’t they look great?


Saturday, November 5

Went to Native Foods for the first time.



I was on a 7-day cleanse of juicing and salads, so stuck with the kale salad. I was all, “Oh, poor me, I have to eat the kale salad instead of EVERYTHING ELSE” but when it arrived in front of me I was STOKED. This salad was so friggin’ delicious and healthy and everything I want in a salad.

My friend Craig Steele tried a few other things:



We were suitably impressed.


Thursday, November 10

I checked out the new pizza shop in the neighborhood. Mellow Mushroom is a chain that just opened in the Pearl District. I was curious about their vegan options, but not hopeful.





This pizza is SO GOOD. Oh lordy, the crust is chewy and thick, the veggies don’t overwhelm the pizza, and the sauce is rich and tomato-y. This is my new favorite pizza in town.


Wednesday, November 16




This show is like a Cirque du Soleil show (figures, since one of the founding members of Cirque du Soleil also created this show, though they’re technically unrelated) but with horses. I took my grandma on opening night. Tickets aren’t cheap, but if you like horses (or your grandma likes horses and you like your grandma) it’s a cool show.


Thursday, November 17

Vida Vegan Con business meeting at Native Foods. (Lots of fun stuff coming up in 2012!)


I had to try the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger.



Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger
Our thinly sliced Native Original Seitan,
melted cheddar, caramelized onions, and
crispy Native Bacon on a bun slathered
with BBQ sauce and ranch dressing, romaine,
carrots, onions, and tomato. Topped with
crunchy battered dill pickle chips.


The ladies and I shared chicken tenders and they tried a few other things on the menu. (For their recaps, see Jess and Michele’s blogs.)



P1030611 P1030604


Sunday, November 20 – Monday November 21

I had a threeple date with a few of my favorite ladies.

We spent all day supporting vegan businesses, starting with brunch at Portobello.


P1030619P1030612   P1030614

The fritata (on the left) is to die for. So rich and filling; definitely split it with a loved one. It’s HUGE.

We then headed out to the ‘burbs for a night stay at Comfort Suites (it was a Groupon I bought back when I still bought Groupons).




We drank bubbles and swam in the pool and ate take-out from Green Wok and stayed up late into the night, having really nice talks.




P1030623   P1030637

The bear got a little crazy.


The next day we want to Native Foods for lunch (my 3rd visit).



The last thing I really wanted to try were the fish tacos.



Yummmmmm. These weren’t very ‘fish’ (tempeh’) heavy, but seriously, anything with corn tortillas and guacamole are an automatic win in my book.

The other foodz:

P1030651   P1030654


I think after three visits and multiple samples of a good 3/4 of the menu, I’m good on the Native Foods for a minute.


On second thought, after posting these pictures, I’m ready to eat there again. I want to try the Reuben next!


Thursday, November 24


We ate Tofurky and Field Roast and stuff.



In the middle of cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for six, I hit my head on the corner of a kitchen cupboard while cooking and started bleeding profusely. My roommate rushed me to ER, and after two hours and some rinsing and applying pressure, the doctors came to the conclusion that it was a minor wound and I would be just fine. No stitches needed or anything. I was fine, but felt kinda out of it for the rest of the night. 


thanksgiving 1thanksgivingthanksgiving2thanksgiving4

Luckily it was mellow and low-key and we sat by the fire and played board games.

This game was almost as much fun as Apples to Apples:

Super Showdown

Thanksgiving photos courtesy of my friend Abby.


Saturday, December 3

Upon hearing the sad news that Kettleman’s (a local Portland bagel shop) got bought out by Noah’s, I needed a Kettleman bagel.




Ahhhh. Better.



Sweetpea for coffee and an everything bagel with bacon scallion cream cheese.

I also posed for some photos for my photographer friend. Those should be fun to look at when I get ‘em!


Tuesday, December 6

Sugar Cookies!





I made sugar cookie Christmas sandwiches by spreading frosting in between two cookies and smushing them together. No sprinkles in stock, so I just made my own colored sugar crystals.

I used green frosting that I flavored with peppermint extract for the trees, and basic vanilla frosting for the snowflakes and stars.


So, that’s what I’ve been up to.

Looking forward to the Christmas season with Baileys, visit from the family, friends, shopping, baking, and hopefully SNOW.

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  • I love this update – the pictures are awesome! I still haven’t been to Native Foods. I really need to get there, especially after you’ve posted such amazing pictures of the food. Delish.

    • Janessa

      Geanna, let’s go to Native Foods sometime!

  • Welcome back to the blogging world! I definitely need to hit up Mellow Mushroom!

    • Janessa

      Thanks Michelle! It’s good to be back. Now maybe I can finish my San Francisco posts now that I got over that hump.

  • I feel like i just spent October and November with you! You know how to give an update, girl! xo

    • Janessa

      JL, I WISH you just spent October and November with me! <3

  • millie

    <3 the before and after of Louie!

    • Janessa

      Louie had way too much fun.

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  • Was there a particular website/book/etc. you were following for your cleanse, or were you just winging it? I want to do one soon, but I know I need to plan it out or I will fail miserably. I’m so excited for Native Foods! I’m going to be in Portland in February for a concert and I’ll have to make time to stuff my face there!

    • Janessa


      I just peaked at your blog and you haven’t blogged since August? Get on it, girl! You can’t let such a hilarious blog name not get some action.

      For my cleanse, I knew I needed some guidance, but not too many regulations or I’d rebel against myself.

      My roommate and I enjoyed juices or smoothies for breakfast and lunch–I wanted the nutrients of juiced veggies but still fiber from whole fruits so as not to mess with my digestive system too much. I’ll send you our ‘meal plan’ if you like. I tried to have it reflect what we actually consumed as we went along.

      For dinner, I’d have juice or clear veggie broth. The veggie broth was homemade and completely salt and seasoning free. Just veggies, water, and black pepper, ginger and garlic.

      A few times when we were craving popcorn we’d make oil-free and nooch-free kale chips. Once we made a lemon juice/italian seasoning mix and coated the chips to bake.

      It was enough leeway that I didn’t feel confined, but eliminated soy, gluten, sugar, alcohol, salt, and basically anything but fruits, veggies and few herbs.

      Let me know if you want our meal plan–it’s a google doc, so I’d just share it with you.

      How fun you’ll be in Portland in February! The Veggie Grill will be open by then too!