Out and About in December (OR: Things I Ate & Drank This Month)


Hey guys. Me again. Twice in one week? It’s like I’m a real live blogger or something. But with my family stuck in Southern Oregon* due to a huge blizzard, and time off work, I find myself with more free time than usual. So what are we waiting for? Let’s do this!

Some December eats and drinks:


This is the ‘Merican Waffle from Portobello. I ate this. Well, half of this. I am going to show all 32 years of my life and proudly refrain from making any boob comments. But if you feel the need in the comments, by all means go ahead.



This is a cider sampler from Bushwhackers, an all-cider all-the-time bar in Southeast Portland. Love the concept, but three of these ciders just tasted like homebrews to me. Which, come to think of it, maybe they were. The other two were pleasant—a little sweeter and more filtered. After spilling one of these little guys all over my lap (Just call me graceful), I tried a bottle from Corvallis that tasted like apple cider—there were notes of nutmeg and spice. Super yummy.



One of my favorite things about pho is the big plate of fresh greens that comes out before the broth bowl. Jalapeños, cilantro and lime: these are a few of my favorite things. This was at Pho Dalat on 39th (I mean Caesar Chavez Blvd?) and Hawthorne.



A new-ish Tiki bar in my neighborhood opened recently. This drink was full of crushed ice, booze and fruit juice. Hello, sailor. I don’t usually like ‘Tiki-style” drinks—dark rums and tropical  citrus juices– so most of the drink menu here doesn’t appeal to me, but there were a handful of cocktails with light rum and juices like passion fruit and mango.



The requisite Veggie Grill meal. If it looks like I eat here all the time, it’s because I do. I’ve finally figured out how to order without spending one million dollars and feeling like I want to throw up from eating so much after each visit: Order a small salad (not on the menu, but they’ll do it) and share an entrée (I like to turn their Santa Fe Chicken sandwich into a wrap, because as you know, everything is better in a tortilla. Everything.). Upgrading your side to mac and cheese (with a side of chipotle ranch) isn’t required, but man oh man, it makes every meal even better.


P1100478   P1100482


I found a new favorite restaurant!!! It’s called Shandong and it’s in the Hollywood District. They will happily veganize almost the whole menu for you (the appetizers are already pre-made little meat pockets like wontons and stuff and can’t be veganized) (yes, I just said meat pockets). There’s a complimentary pot of hot tea on the table, a remarkably well-cultivated wine and cocktail list, and…HOUSEMADE NOODLES. That your server BRINGS SCISSORS TO CUT THE NOODLES AT YOUR TABLE. And then LEAVES THE SCISSORS with you at your table. Most fun ever. I love interactive meals.

The dry-sautéed green beans were wicked good (there’s a lot, though. Two of us couldn’t finish them.) and my bowl—Judy’s Bowl—came with housemade noodles, spinach, fresh jalapeños, shitake mushrooms, garlic and white wine broth, and I added fried tofu to my bowl. It was huge and delicious, just the way I like my noodle bowls.



I made shape cookies. I do this every year, but this time I used a new recipe. I didn’t like it as much as my original recipe (the cookies weren’t as soft) but they still turned out okay. I mean, when you put frosting on something, it makes even mediocre cookies taste great. I would eat frosting off the floor and then declare it the best floor I ever ate.



Kale Salad. Because what’s better than kale salad? It’s a short list: popcorn, champagne and tacos. Top Four favorites, right there. This Kale Salad was at the Cheese Bar up on SE Belmont, and is naturally vegan: no modifications needed. It was real tasty.


And from my Instagram feed:


Champagne at home with the roomie during our gift exchange date



Vegan sausage and cheese filled mini croissants with potato and kale scramble, at home


kale salad

Kale Salad at work



Butternut squash ravioli with browned butter and sage sauce and toasted hazelnuts, at home


….And, I just heard from my mom; she and my little brother are on their way up! They made it through the snow and I will get to celebrate Christmas with my family after all. Yay! Watoosie! Happy Holidays!!

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  • Oh my gosh, I am hungry and in Portland right now, so this list just made my day. Thanks! Love your Yelp reviews and your blog : )

    • Hi Tamara, I just looked through your blog and love it. Cute braids!! Have fun in Portland!

  • Moodymcliv

    Wow..I need to move there..living in Germany = making alot of your own food..at least the partof Germany I am in.

    • It’s really easy to waaaaay to much junk food when it’s so readily available though! 😀

  • What were the Portobello “eggies” on the waffle? Tofu? They look scary, although I’m sure they’re just delightful.

    • Yeah, they were just tofu globes. I didn’t eat too many bites of those, to be honest.