Ready Paint Fire


So, you guys.

Have you ever been to a paint-your-own-ceramic shop before? I haven’t in a looooong time. Probably not since I was in fourth grade and wearing a matching pink sweatsuit randomly covered with pictures of bananas and apples (an 80’s fashion style that has yet to come back in style).

I just spent 15 minutes looking in vain for a picture of me in that awesome pink outfit. You will have to go without a visual in this instance. It’s for your own good, really.

But! I did find this photo of my mom and I, which I looooooove:




Anyhow, it’s been awhile since I’ve painted. It was so much fun!!

Where: Ready Paint Fire

Why: It’s a marvelous way to spend an afternoon!






















What? They offered me a beer with a straw.I’d be remiss to deny myself the pleasure.


                        mushroom                                  yeti

And, VOILÀ! Done!

That is my shiny little mushroom on the left and my friend’s adorable Yeti with pink fingernails (!) on the right.

Check out more info about Ready Paint Fire and my Yelp review here.


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