Sauvie Island Berry Tripping

I’ve been to Sauvie Island before. Lots. To the pumpkin patch for Fall Shenanigans, to the orchard for late summer peaches, to rogue off-road blackberry picking, even to the beach for sunning (never to the nude beach that’s out there though—not yet).

I’ve never been to Sauvie Island for raspberries and blueberries though. Beautiful beautiful berries. My favorite berries. That changed last week, when I head out with Michele from Vegtastic Voyage  (and of course one of my witty and pretty co Vida Vegan Con directors), Michele’s husband Tom and their out-of-country guest Kati, who was visiting from Spain.

There are several farms out there for u-pick; all the ones I’ve been to have equally helpful staff and are equally bountiful. There are charts explaining what fruits, vegetables and flowers are in season and handy signs at every row of produce.

I will let the pictures do the talking from here on out. Because I took one billion and you need to see all of them.

Rustic Signs:



P1020182P1020171(<— If only…!)


P1020199P1020204 (<– Tulameen are the best raspberries EVER, I promise you.)


Beautiful flowers you can take home:





I found a breeding ground for these guys:






….Didn’t find any little kids with “Xavier Roberts” tattooed on their bum though.


And of course…. BERRIES!


P1020216P1020219P1020221P1020224P1020225P1020226(<—best way to eat a berry, hands down)

Now I just need to figure out what to do with them. I froze a small batch of raspberries the minute I got home from Sauvie’s for summer smoothie fruit gazpacho madness. I still have probably 3 pounds of blueberries and a pound of raspberries. Ahhhh the possibilities.

I’m definitely headed back once peaches come in—and I think it will be just in time for Vida Vegan Con if any of you out-of-towners happen to like picking your own fruit.

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  • !!! We’ve been wanting to go to one of the u-pick farms for the last couple years! I think your blog post may have just solidified our need to go this summer! Berries and flowers!

    • Janessa

      You’ve also got to check out the Irvington Farmers Market on Sundays for flowers–beautiful fresh bouquets for $5 and $10. We get a fresh bouquet for our Dining Room table every week.

  • A berry within a berry?!!? My mind is blown, and my stomach is grumbling.

    • Janessa

      Michelle, I’m a very post-modern eater.

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