Hi, guys!

How’s your Spring shaping up? My spring so far is bright and beautiful and filled with silly squirrel sightings.( <—Awesome.)

I went on a beautiful 12 mile hike yesterday to Tunnel Falls (if you are my friend on Facebook you probably saw the 10 million pictures I posted) and have been spending lots of time outdoors. Now if only the sun would start coming out on a regular basis. :/

Last Saturday, I took a walk along the Portland Waterfront.


It was a gorgeous (ie not rainy, damp and melancholy) Spring day. The Rose Festival rides were being setting up. The Rose Festival (after all, Portland is the Rose City, folks) happens every June and includes carnival rides, cotton candy, and lots of people descending on downtown from the Suburbs. I usually avoid it.

I used to love going to fairs and festivals, but I never really loved the rides— long lines + spinning really fast or getting thrown in the air really high + purposely walking through a dark house with creeps jumping out at you always skeeved me out. I’m the type to ride the Ferris Wheel (these days I’d likely smuggle champagne with me), eat elephant ears and try my hand at winning a stuffed animal at the games. Or more likely watch someone else try their hand at winning while I stand by with encouraging words.

It was fun to see the rides in daylight dilapidated states of set-up. (But I probably still wouldn’t step foot in the Haunted Mansion.)


P1010253   P1010257P1010262    P1010263



While snapping pictures, the Portland Spirit (A Portland Cruise Ship) set sail, which meant the Hawthorne Bridge had to go up. I have never been on the waterfront while watching any of the bridges go up. It’s really cool to see. All the bridges in Portland have to be able to go up when ships pass, and while it stinks if you’re in traffic, it was cool to see from a different perspective.



And then I saw mama and baby ducks! Augh! The Cuteness!



And then lookit what I found: 

Oh, look! A squirrel! Let me get a picture!


Shoot. He’s fast. I’ll try again.


Crap. One more time.


Aha! THERE he is!

Haha. So funny.

I love that picture.

It’s supposed to rain for the next week, but then hopefully it will clear up and I get out to more hikes and waterfront walks.

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