Vegan Mofo: London Gatwick Airport Vegan Eats


Hi, welcome to ‘Round the World Thursday.

Flying in or out of London Gatwick Airport? Skip the expense and the waiting list of The Naked Chef’s decidedly (and surprisingly) un-vegan restaurant. (Seriously, for all that someone espouses unadulterated natural foods, you’d think there would be more plant-based options on the menu.) Instead, head to Pret a Manger. This sandwich and coffee chain has alternating pre-packaged sandwich options, but on the day I was there, I lucked out.




In the refrigerated pre-made sandwich section, I found a nori wrap with spinach and shredded beets. When you opt to take out instead of eat-in, you save a buck or two. Totally worth it.

The wrap itself was more than satisfactory airport food. I ended up being surprised overall by the lack of quality vegan food in London–while a very vegetarian-friendly city, it still has a way to go to be as vegan-friendly as many other cities I’ve visited. This wrap is actually one of my favorite meals I had in London. It’s unusualness– the tortilla wrapped in nori, and the fresh take on flavor combination between sea and land vegetables–definitely made it stick out from unmemorable uninspiring meals like the cheeseless & bland calzone I tried at well-lauded Amico Bio.


This wrap was my jam. A surprising tasty ending to my time in London.

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