Vegan Mofo: Pringles in SE Asia



Hello and happy Tuesday! Welcome to the last installment of snacky treats.

I missed posting yesterday–not for want of trying. I traveled via bus from Southern Thailand to Laos in a 48 hour span and a post simply wasn’t happening. I had planned a post about desserts in Budapest for the Sweet Treat portion, but that post may just have to wait for another time. So now it’s on to… Pringles!


My older brother Ahimsa is a vegan, and he travels around the world with his girlfriend Rachel in between teaching gigs. I’ve written about him before, and I’m currently traveling with the two of them in Thailand and Laos, which is great fun. I don’t see him often enough, so we always have a blast when we get to hang out.


He and Rachel have a vegan budget travel blog called Are We There Yeti, and a few years ago he posted about his favorite Pringles flavors of Indochina. That post sort of slipped my mind until I was in Vietnam last month with my friend Billy, on our way back from Halong Bay.


At the little mart where all buses stop to give their passengers the opportunity to buy expensive wood carvings, silk ties or snacks, I spotted a few wacky Pringles flavors. We knew we wanted to try a few of them (Pringles are often vegan, and often have ingredients in English, making it a good road snack for traveling vegans) so picked out the Hot & Spicy flavor and the Salty Seaweed.


Verdict: They’re both surprisingly good! I don’t know the last time I bought Pringles in the States, but as a safe vegan snack in SE Asia, they were just the ticket. One note: there’s also a regular ol’ seaweed flavor (not salted) that is just boring; don’t mistakenly get that one.

I still haven’t found the dill pickle (sadly) or the blueberry hazelnut (thankfully) Pringles my brother mentioned in his blog. But I still have two weeks; there’s time!


Vegan Mofo: Bon Vivant Cocktails in Edinburgh, Scotland

Happy Friday! Who need a cocktail? Luckily, It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere. For my Friday Vegan Mofo, I’ll be focusing on beverages–sometimes with alcohol, sometimes without.

Some of the most creative cocktails I have had the pleasure to sample on this trip were at Bon Vivant, in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bon Vivant craft cocktails in Edinburgh, Scotland

Bon Vivant craft cocktails in Edinburgh, Scotland

I’ve been typically sticking to beer or wine, but my travel companions and I had heard from several different sources that Bon Vivant on Thistle Street is THE place to go for quality craft cocktails. My friend Dave, who recommended the place to me, compared it to Teardrop in Portland, Oregon. Sold. (Teardrop is the place where I tried a specialty bourbon cocktail with smoked ice cubes a few years back. SMOKED ICE CUBES.)


The menu, which changes seasonally, is overwhelmingly intriguing; I wanted to try one of everything. In addition to the multiple page menu, they also have an extensive champagne and bubbly list. If I had my druthers, and bottomless pockets, I would have stayed for several cocktails and a few bottles of bubbles. As it was, we each picked just one to sample.

The Volunteer @ Bon Vivant

The Volunteer at Bon Vivant

My drink of choice was The Volunteer: Gentleman Jack, Ardbeg 10yr Scotch, Noval Port, demerara syrup, chocolate bitters and an orange twist. Scotch is not usually a palate-pleaser for me, but the precisely measures liquor and mixers led to a pleasantly round and full-bodied drink, with a touch of sweetness from the orange and finished with just a slightly peaty taste from the scotch. When I’m in places where I know I can trust the menu and the bartenders to put care into each cocktail, like Bon Vivant, I’m more likely to step out of my comfort zone and order somethinglike this. And I’m usually rewarded, as I was in this case.

*Note, some cocktails are made with egg white, so take care when reading the menu.

Bon Vivant

55 Thistle Street

Open Mon–Sun noon–1am

Vegan Mofo: Osprey Travel Backpack



Wacky Wednesday is when I write about something that might not be food related, but still travel-related. Probably. It is wacky, afterall. Anything can happen.


For the first one, I’m going to to share with you the best travel backpack I’ve ever used: the Farpoint Osprey 55.

If I have to have all my worldly possessions to my back, this is the backpack I want to use.

If I have to have all my worldly possessions to my back, this is the backpack I want to have.


The backpack is 50 liters, with a detachable 5 liter day backpack. Along with packing cubes (potentially a future Wacky Wednesday post), this was my best purchase for my extended mini RTW trip.

It’s super comfy, has fit into carry-on on every plane I’ve tried (saving me money, especially in the US with much stricter checked baggage rules than the countries I traveled in Europe and SE Asia) and is much roomier than it looks.



Fits everywhere!*    *almost

Fits everywhere!*


If you’re planning to travel for any trip longer than a week and less than 6 months (though I am fairly certain this backpack would last for even 12 months + trips), I 100% recommend this backpack. It has held up remarkably well, especially considering how hard I am on physical objects. There’s no fraying, the zippers are all still attached, and it still looks almost new. If I was really on top of things, I’d be an Amazon affiliate and have a link here, but I’m not, so if you’re interested, head to Amazon or REI or Osprey’s webpage and look around. The two blog posts I read that really sold me are TravelFashion Girl (a GREAT resource for travelin’ gals) and Answering Oliver.


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