The Burrito Bonanza Six


Hi guys! There are six fabulous entries so far in the Vida Vegan Con-test: BURRITO BONANZA. There are 2 1/2 hours still to enter, so I’m not calling it yet, but I would like to share with you the stunning mouth-watering submissions so far.

I want to give props to the talented people who entered. I am in awe of the crazy amount of ingenuity (and mimosas–cough, Monk and Mao, cough) that went into creating these monstrous tortilla-wrapped beauties.

I’m not including pictures because they’re not mine to share, but I encourage you to click the links to see these nutty, rad and unique creations.

The Veggie Queen

A brilliant combination of red beans, brown rice, potatoes (+1000 points, seriously), cilantro and avocado, Jill made the kind of burrito I could eat every day. And probably will attempt to, sometime soon. Her recipe for red beans already made me add kombu seaweed to my shopping list.

The Sexy Carrot

This burrito—the HUMMUSRITO (<3)—is made of quinoa, hummus, avocado, hot sauce, and cashew parmesan. The creator, Kori, has an obvious undying love for hummus that I can readily understand. Plus, she’s funny. “The Hummusrito dates back to the late 90′s.  It is groundbreaking, blurring the lines between burrito and wrap.   Is it a hummus burrito?  Is it a wrap simply folded like a burrito?  Nobody knows for sure.” Chickpeas 4Life.

Monk and Mao

This one is a dessert burrito. Dessert. Burrito. Two of my favorite things. [If only someone had made a popcorn and champagne burrito, I would have no choice but to crown them the automatic winner. Sorry, but it’s true.] This blog post has beautiful photos and is hi-larious. I want to be friends with Amber. She made: The Vegan Dessert Burrito with cinnamon chili apples, So Delicious ice cream, and homemade vegan dulce de leche. Rowr.

Nake-id Knits

A blog about ‘knitting and cooking in the raw’—how adorable is that? And guess what she put together—–? Give up? A HOTDOGRITO! That’s right, folks, a hot dog burrito. AWESOME! It’s American (so thematic!), unusual, and actually sounds downright tasty. The HotdogRito: Vegan tofu pups, sweet potato fries, organic coleslaw and course-grain mustard vinaigrette. I sort of need to try this one, ASAP.

Flourishing Vegan

A San Diegan made this burrito, you can tell. This burrito is bean-less, which in this instance is just fine, because she uses SEITAN instead. Mmmmmmmmmmm Seitan. This Burrito has Smoked Paprika Seitan with caramelized onions & pepper, garlicky kale and corn, red rice and tofu sour cream. Yum. I want to repeat that: Smoked Paprika Seitan with caramelized onions & pepper, garlicky kale and corn, red rice and tofu sour cream. How amazing does that sound? That sounds like something I would pay $15 for (I know no shame when it comes to paying for burritos. My pockets will put out for anything in a tortilla.) at a fancy vegan Mexican restaurant. Seitan, kale, corn, spiciness and homemade tofu sour cream?  Holl-er.

Blue Butterfly

Nadia is the author of an inspiring website dedicated to how she kicked cancer by switching to a plant-based diet. Her energy and tenacity just vibrate off the page, and I’ve enjoyed starting to read her blog posts. She went all out for the competition. You’ll have to click over to her blog for the whole story (it’s worth a read), but the long and short of it is this: She created seven different burritos (+ a bonus comic, <3) each from different parts of the world and each with cancer-preventing vegetables and plants. She has a burrito for every day of the week: the Motherland Burrito with yams, black-eyed peas and peanut butter piqued my curiosity and comes with a recipe.

burrito clip art

You will have to go check each of these out. They each sound so good, I’ve been thinking about them all day and alternating in my head which one I’d rather eat at any given moment. In my head, I’ve eaten about 29 burritos today. My head-stomach is very full.

I have no idea how I’m going to decide. I need your help! Leave a comment here on this post or on my Facebook page with your favorite. I will be the ultimate decider, but could really use help from ya’ll to decide—every single entry blows my mind.

The contest submissions end at MIDNIGHT Portland-time.I will pick a winner TOMORROW, June 25th. I will announce the winner by midnight Portland-time on Twitter and Facebook, and contact the winner by Sunday morning.

Enjoy reading about the ‘ritos and have a good weekend!


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  • Nate Buzzell

    Hummusrito! And I’m not just saying that since my wife is staring at me telling me we should give my sister-in-law some support (well, maybe a little- otherwise I wouldn’t be up at 5:45am -but I would have gotten around to this on my own at least by noon because it is important). Kori, the author, truly loves being vegan and shares her passion with everyone in a fun, not preachy way. She’s even got me (a carnivore) to try vegan foods and enjoy them- something I would never have thought possible. This would mean a lot to her and would benefit all those who follow her blog (yes, I’m a closet sexy carrot fan)! Go HUMMUSRITO!

    • Janessa

      Nate, I love this comment! <3

  • Awww nate. Can we have a group hug on Epicurious’s comment board?

  • Hands down the Hummusrito. It has so many of my fave foods and the quinoa is so hearty and healthy! I want one for lunch today!

  • Sarap

    Oh man hummusrito all the way!! I probably have all the makings for one right now!!

  • Beccy

    I think it should go to the motherland. I read all of the previous entries and would honestly not make any of them for myself. But when I got to the last entry, I read through her 7 days of burritos and liked all of them.

  • scott

    I made the sexy carrot receipe, ate two of these delicious burritos and started to look like the wild kid on the blog. I wouldn’t have thought it was possible but the taste was worth the new look.

    • Ha! thanks dad. I hope I can still tell you and john apart.

  • Amy Sutherland

    This is a great contest! The Motherland Burrito is fabulous, and I’ve been really inspired by the Blue Butterfly Blog!

    • Nadia Hohn

      Thanks Amy.

  • Clarissa

    My vote would be for the Motherland Burrito too!

  • caroline

    hummusrito !

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