The White Wine Spritzer, an Ode


All the ladies who enjoy white wine spritzers, put your hands up!!!


Oh. It’s just you middle-aged moms and me huh? Well ladies, I think we’re on to something.
White Wine Spritzer-jpg


As is a well-documented fact (it will be the number one item on my Wikipedia page when I get one), I love anything with bubbles. Any beverage that is slightly effervescent or even offensively carbonated automatically heads to the front of my classroom. The number one fave is sparkling wine. Cava, Champagne, Prosecco;  if it’s bubbly and served in a flute, I’m thrilled.  But give me a mineral  water, tonic water or soda water and I’m so much more content than with boring old flat tap water. Kombucha? OK!  Beer? Sure. My greatest dream is to own a Soda Stream where I can carbonate everything I drink all the time. Bubbly coffee. Bubbly tea. Bubbly green smoothies. You name it, I’ll bubble it.


When I arrived in Vienna, Austria, my first stop in Eastern Europe, I noticed spritzers frequently on bar menus. Bubbly Wine. ALRIGHT.


Throughout the rest of my travels in Eastern Europe—Brno, Bratislava, Budapest, Novi Sad and Budva–I saw with alternating popularity white wine spritzers offered at cafes and bars. This is a trend I can get used to. If you’re still gently mocking me in your mind (fair; I have the taste bud attention span of a child), I give you my top three reason for drinking white wine spritzers while traveling:
1. Spritzers are cheap. Half soda water (or 7-Up if you’re feeling sweet) and half wine equals half the price of a glass of wine, which is already affordable in Eastern Europe  (I’ve seen glasses priced on average under $2, and generally no more than $4). At one place in Novi Sad, the waiter asked me the percentage of wine to mineral water that I wanted. Of course I said more wine than water–OF COURSE–but it’s even then it’s still wicked cheap. This is a great reason to drink spritzers when you’re backpacking through Europe and every euro counts. (Note: as this is a food, drink and travel blog, I’m clearly not going to travel through Europe and NOT drink, so hush that thought right now.)


2. Spritzers are ubiquitous. They  are actually listed on the menus! People drink them! It’s a real-live honest-to-goodness drink, it’s not a made up mom drink, like in the States. It’s legit. And you know what they say: When in Vienna… (or in Brno, or in Budva, etc…..)


3. Spritzers are safe. As a solo female traveler, I do want to be careful about how much I drink. And I do like to drink. So a watered down glass of wine? Can’t get much less alcohol than that. I’ll take three, please.


So next time you come traveling with me, or on your badass solo trip, think about these three great reasons for the white wine spritzer and don’t feel embarrassed ordering one. A round of spritzers for everyone!

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  • mmmmmmm! white wine spritzers! i think i’ve tried them before somewhere else…aren’t they bubbly and watery at the same time? i personally like my drinks strong, love the black russians!

    • I hear ya on the strong drinks! But re: #3, when I’m traveling solo, I prefer something a little lighter, especially if I’m walkin’ around at night.

  • The Spicy Vegan

    You with a soda stream would be a dangerous combination. I bet Portlandia would make an episode about you: Bubble It!

    Thank you for giving three reasons why I should embrace this drink: price, accessibility and safety are always at the top of the list. You sold me. I think.

    Great piece!

    • Bubble it! I even like drinking tonic water by itself now.

      If you’re not sold yet, you will be. Trust me. I will inundate you with spritzers until you love them.

      • The Spicy Vegan

        Spritzer waterboarding: the Janessa way of torture. Looking forward to it!

  • kc

    Where have I been….I had no idea you were traveling! Have so much fun/I’m so jealous!

    I am obsessed with prosecco. Now that I”ve tried it I never want to drink anything else!

    • Ha, Yep, I’m on a four month mini RTW (round-the-world) trip! Prosecco is basically the best thing every. I could–and have–drink it every day.

  • JL

    For the record, you just made the white wine spritzer cool again.

    • So does this mean we can drink them together next time we’re in the same state? 😉

      • JL

        Count on it! 😉