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I leave for Ireland and Northern Ireland in FOUR days. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I can’t stop smiling and planning and scheming and tapping my feet in expectation. I’m going to have so. much. fun. It’s going to be an absolute blast!


Of course, I still have so much to do:

      • My trip was rerouted, so I need to call Delta again to re-request a vegan meal.
      • I have a six hour layover at JFK, so shall look into purchasing a one-day membership to the Crown Club. The Crown Club is a lounge with wi-fi, complimentary drinks and snacks, complimentary drinks, magazines, and complimentary drinks. It’s $50, but for a comfortable place to spread out, get some work done (or hell, just watch a movie on my broken baby laptop), enjoy a complimentary drink, and read a magazine or two that ain’t bad.
      • Laundry. Lots of laundry.
      • Pack. Then repack. Then repack. I know without a doubt I’ll want to take something like 8 pairs of shoes I’ll be there for 6 nights.
      • Call Sprint International to figure out international roaming.

I also need to figure out accommodations, but I’ll just do that while there. No Biggy. I’m the sort of traveler that does a lot of research before the trip but then just wings it while there. I plan on going with the flow and sort of ending up wherever I end up.

–> Back to the title of this post— a dear friend just stopped by my house to say hello. When she left I found a card tucked onto my night stand.

She had written a lovely note, bidding me adieu. And she left a list of tips for my travel to Ireland. They’re pertinent, wise and hilarious, so I thought I’d share because I love them so much. They’re relevant to any traveler, so take note, wandering friends.


* You are only there for one week so don’t sleep in!

* Talk to everyone. You never know who has great stories or how they might assist you.

* If you see something you like, buy it, eat it or sleep with it. You never know if you’ll see it again.

* Don’t bother buying souvenirs for people–better to spend the time and money making memories.

* Laugh loud and often.

* Don’t be self-conscious—Sing! Dance! You’ll probably never see these people again.

* Love every minute.  No expectations = No disappointments

ha-ha, don’t you love this? I have a wise friend in this one, ladies and gents.

I’m off to whittle my to-do list down.


And if you haven’t seen it yet, Ryan from T.O.F.U. Magazine interviewed us gals behind vida vegan con.

check it out here.

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  • OMG what an awesome list!!!!! You’re friend is so spot on!

    Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see photos.

  • Would you be taken with exchanging hyperlinks?