UGH. FINE. I’ll write a blog post, whatever.

I’m not saying I’m OFF Blog Hiatus, I’m just saying that maybe I’m taking a hiatus from Blog Hiatus. For a minute.

I’m in Amsterdam right now. I sort of went on Blog Hiatus in February, shortly before my birthday (I’m 33 now guys, but you better believe I can still move like I’m like 32) and before things got crazy with planning Vida Vegan Con (#VVC2013 for those that were there), giving my notice at work, selling all my stuff, and making plans to travel around the world for four months.

So then all that happened. Vida Vegan Con went off without a hitch (more like 10 hitches, amiright Jess and Michele?! ha!); I sold a few of my items in a haphazard yard sale then frantically left most of everything I own in a free pile outside my house the day before I flew out; I bought airline tickets & organised & planned travel adventures; I got a baby storage unit to hold my pictures, papers and books, finished up working at the BrewPub I’ve been with since I was a wee thing in my 20’s; and had a major panic attack and drank a bottle of Dom Perignon in the PDX airport the day I left.


fancy drinks with non-fancy friends at PDX

I almost got turned right back around at Heathrow Airport Customs (an exciting though harrowing beginning to my adventure); I bebopped around London for a few days with some friends (and even saw the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton, TWO FEET AWAY from me at the BBC) before heading up to Edinburgh on the train for the weekend, before heading back down to London Sunday, before heading up to Cambridge on Monday before getting wicked lost back in London on Tuesday before flying out to Amsterdam on Thursday.

It’s okay, I can’t really keep up either.

And now I’m here, in Amsterdam. I spent a few nights with my dear friend Alison from Northern England in the most horrid/hilarious hostel I’ve ever stayed in in the Red Light District (is it possible it feel dirtier AFTER taking a shower? Stay where I did and you can find out!) but we had a blast overall. Spent our time getting wet in the lovely Amsterdam summer weather and exploring museums (Rembrandt seems to have been a cool dude and I loved reading about his life and seeing his work with light) and drinking Heineken.

Now I’m on my first couchsurfing experience. Sorta odd, but pretty cool. My host Ernie is vegetarian, into the music scene and has a spare bike for me to ride. He lives in the most beautiful place, right by Oosterpark. I went on the most amazing bike ride of my life today. I felt like I was pedaling through a fairy tale. Gentle clouds floating through the sky, bunny rabbits hopping by while swans gave me a wary look, weird colorful little birds flying above, and tall green grass swaying in the light breeze.

I am fortunate that I’m getting to experience little slices of life all around the world. It’s what I’ve been dreaming about and scheming about for so long and I’m truly soaking up every minute.

These are a few of my pics from Instagram:


Cambridge Couple Walking at Dusk


Abby Road-.jpg

Crossing the Abby Road Crosswalk



Vegan Fish & Chips in London

Wanna see all my Instagram photos? They’re right here.

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  • elizabet trescosas

    Yay! Janessa! I shall continue to live vicariously until I, too, quit my job and become a Digital Nomad in 2014 (I hope, I hope, I hope!)


  • JL

    Love this adventure of yours! Come out of hiatus often so we can pedal through this fairy tale with you.

  • The Spicy Vegan

    I’m so glad you came off hiatus to share this adventure with us! I love your writing so much so please keep on trucking! Or however it is you’re getting around. Keep on training? Keep on walking? Keep on flying? Keep on biking? Keep on!

  • veganinbrighton

    I’m loving following your travels here and on Instagram and I’m suuuper impressed that you’re managing to blog whilst travelling – I fail pretty epicly at that!

    • Thanks! I don’t feel too impressive though; I still haven’t fixed my Instagram photos to actually appear in this post. 😉

    • What a small world! 🙂

  • Post wutevaa you like! It doesn’t hurt to read your random ramblin’ To be honest, I have never stayed in a hostel in my life! I’m a mild germophobic (not like the Monk series)…but I want to make sure I have a proper and clean bed to rest on! And yes, following you on instagram, too! x