Valentine Fanconi Anemia 5K

As part of my 31 things to do before my 31st birthday,  [February 28th, 2 weeks away, augh!!!] I’m running a 5K bright and early tomorrow morning.

ABBYMERUN [me and the gorgeous Abby on a training run earlier this week]

The course starts at the Morrison bridge in downtown Portland and snakes along the river to Moody Blvd. I’ve never ran with hundreds of people before. I have a feeling it’s going to be loads of fun. I stopped by foot traffic today to pick up my bib number and free race hoody.

I planned on taking a picture of the cool purple hoody to show you, but it’s too comfortable. I tried it on five hours ago and now will never take it off.

I don’t think I’d even know what a bib number is if it weren’t for the certain healthy living blogs I read every day. Thanks, ladies!

A bib number is a piece of paper with a number on it that you attach to an article of clothing you’re wearing before you start the race.

The race is a fundraiser for Fanconi Anemia research, which is a rare genetic disease that targets children and young adults. Many blood disorders, including leukemia [which my Dad was diagnosed with, though his leukemia didn’t come from anemia], often lead to bone marrow failure. A transplant may be the only cure. 


I’m proud to support such a good cause and looking forward to running along the Willamette River with Abby.


They’re also offering free testing to know if you’re a good match for the bone marrow registry. I’d like to get tested to see if I’d be a match.

If you have never been tested to be on the bone marrow registry, please decide to do so today.  It could be one of the best decisions you ever make. The decision to do what you can to try and save a life… It certainly doesn’t get any bigger than that.

The life of someone’s child…someone’s brother, sister, best friend or parent. Imagine it were your child, family member, or friend. And then imagine how much you’d be hoping for that life saving match…

Testing will be available at no cost the day of event.
You really can make a difference.

okay, off to bed for a good night’s sleep before the big 5K tomorrow!


A spot of good news—My new laptop should arrive on Monday. This means that by next week, I’ll have a computer that has a working shift key, control key, and USB port. YES!

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