Vegan Dining at The Wynn, Las Vegas: Snacks, Cocktails and a Failed Brunch



In addition to eating at fancy-pantsy vegan restaurants all weekend at The Wynn, our wedding party group definitely did some random snacking and drinking throughout the casino.

In no particular order, here we go.

We didn’t spend too much time by the slots, but when we did, I stuck to the nickel slots. One time I was feeling all high roller-y and did the quarter slots. I lost my $5 immediately.

I did win $2 on Friday night, though (before adventures at the Playboy Club and after seeing Jonathan Davis—of Korn fame—spin at a nightclub. Who am I, again?).

Proof: (and proof I rocked some pretty hardcore sparkles)



When I was at the slots, my go-to drink was a vodka press. For those who have never been to Vegas, cocktail waitresses offer you free drinks while you’re gambling. Just don’t forget to tip!  A vodka press is a shot of vodka, half 7-up and half soda water. With a squeeze of lime, it’s refreshing and easy to drink. 


Vodka Press. You can see my pretty gold nails and Millie’s pretty pretty wedding dress in the background.


On Millie’s wedding night, while everyone played Pai Gow or something at an actual table with an actual dealer, Millie and I took a walk and stopped for a drink at Parasol Up, a beautiful little bar with an intriguing cocktail menu, still in The Wynn.

I really really wanted to to order The Parisian Apricot (Cognac infused with apricots, Tahitian vanilla and star anise) but our server swayed us. She said, “Can I tell you something? Can I be honest with you? That drink is…. TERRIBLE. Do not order it. Order something else. Anything else.”

She was so adamant and we so appreciated her honesty that we both changed our minds. I’m still so intrigued by the description, though….






Doesn’t that Apricot Sour sound SOOOOO GOOD? Minus the egg whites, of course. Well, we will never know. 

I ended up ordering the Sinatra Smash instead. As a rule, I stay away from whiskey and bourbon (trust me, it’s in the best interest of everyone around me, unless you want me kissing and loving on you all night), but this drink sounded divine. Muddled blackberries?  Crème de Cassis? (Crème de Cassis is a blackcurrant flavored liquor, and I go nuts for blackcurrants.) Yes, please!





Probably the most disappointing experience was had at Brunch on Sunday morning. Hold on, I take it back. DEFINITELY the most disappointing experience was had Brunch on Sunday morning.


Don’t be fooled by the beautiful displays of fruit, flowers and vegetables.




Brunch at The Buffet is all-you-can-eat, and at about $35 a pop, that’s not too bad, for Vegas standards.

Apparently, though, even though every single other restaurant and café in The Wynn has a separate vegan menu (which I will reiterate: IS AWESOME and was not taken for granted AT ALL all weekend), the brunch buffet does not have a separate vegan menu. And unfortunately, we all had to pay up front to find this out. The offerings were very disappointing (roasted potatoes and cantaloupe for $35? No thanks!) and though the Chef was very nice and very accommodating (thank you, sir!), we just couldn’t stomach paying so much for so little.

We each got refunds and headed out to the pool instead. No big loss, really. Several people ordered the vegan chicken and waffles again from The Terrace Point Café, but I just headed to a little café and ordered a blueberry muffin and an iced coffee. The cost came in at just under $10, which seemed like such a good deal at the time. It’s amazing how quickly I acclimated to shelling out the big bucks all weekend.


Before we departed Sunday night, I enjoyed a nice solo cup of coffee at Parasol Down, a café that offers a beautiful view of a waterfall and even includes a periodic light show.




Ha. Weird. It was a cool light show though. It was a whole bunch of morphing faces set to that song from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. (THIS song.)


One of my favorite items all weekend—and most affordable—was a little vegan croissant sandwich set at a café (the same one I got my blueberry muffin and iced coffee from). I believe there was a tuna salad and a chicken salad flavor, and you get one of each with your order. At under 10 bucks, it was a good deal and they were actually very very good.


So cute!

I shared this with a gal in the wedding party. We each had half of one. The tuna was my favorite.


Before dinner on Saturday, the bride and groom wanted a little snack, so we stopped at a café (I don’t remember the name). I ordered a drink that was DELCIOUS.



The Fresca was made with Passion Fruit vodka, muddled mint, passion fruit puree, lime juice, club soda and a splash of Campari.


YURM. It has my name written all over it.

(My name is Janessa Wynn, didn’t you know?)


The peeps I was with HAD TO try the Wynn cheeseburger combo. This was on almost every menu and includes a fast food style burger, fries, and a chocolate shake for $9.



The Matzo Ball soup was incredibly bland and boring—do not order it if you stumble upon this café and want soup. Seriously. The salad in the background was also fairly bland and not inspiring.



Oh look, another vodka press!





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  • millie

    Let’s have some whiskey soon! <3

  • I had the same experience at the Wynn buffet, it’s an amazing shmorgeshborg (what a fun word!) of food, but not really all that vegan. There’s a fruit spread, but for $35…

    I know how hard it can be to find healthy vegan snacks generally, let alone when you’re traveling. I started a company called Healthy Surprise ( to help out. Maybe this can help you for your next trip to Monaco!

  • I love that I stumbled on your blog with your take on the Wynn restaurants. My husband and I were in Vegas in February and we dined out at nearly every meal at a new Wynn restaurant. And we ate at all different restaurants than you did. I love that!

    I was tempted by the buffet but so glad we didn’t bother. My husband has Celiac Disease so it’s even more ‘interesting’ to dine out and the buffet just sounded like it had bad news written all over it.

    I can’t decide what my favorite place to eat at was but I can say without a certainty my fav place in Vegas overall was Parasol Down on the Lake of Dreams. I want to live there, fall asleep there every night, wake up there every morning, and maybe even just die happily there. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your take on the restaurants there, it gives me ideas for the next Vegas trip I intend to take!