Vegan Mofo 2013: Bites From Abroad


Well. In between zipping through Vietnam on a motorbike and touring the majestic Halong Bay, I’ve decided to participate in Vegan Mofo this year for the very first time. Vegan Mofo is an annual month of food writing for vegan bloggers; it stands for The Vegan Month of Food. Vegan bloggers from around the world participate by writing as much as they can (usually a post a day every weekday) for a month. This year, that month is September. And despite the fact that I’ll be in Vietnam and Thailand with questionable WiFi and limited time to write, I’m gonna do it, y’all.

My theme: bites from abroad. I’ll post food and drink that I’ve sampled from around the world. Stay tuned!


In the meantime, here is what I’ve been eating every single day:


I'm eating all the spring rolls.



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  • veganinbrighton

    Awesome, I can’t wait to read your MoFoing and I love that we’re both going to be attempting it from our travels!

    • janessapk

      Where are you going to be? I WANT TO MEET UP WITH YOU SOMEWHERE (You know, when I’m not crazy busy running around at Vida Vegan).

  • veganinbrighton

    I’m going to be in & around San Francisco for about three weeks from mid sept…that’s still nowhere near you though! I would love to meet up & hang out! Where else are you headed on this trip?

    • janessapk

      Oh cool, sounds fun!
      I’m headed to Thailand in a few weeks, then back to Portland early-mid October. Thinking of a stopover in San Francisco (Gracias Madre for welcome back to the States tacos, but that may be an expensive side trip).

      • veganinbrighton

        If you do that detour and get to SF before the 8th Oct lemme know & we’ll taco it up at Gracias Madre!!

        • janessapk

          OH FRICK YEAH. I’ll keep ya posted!

        • Janessa

          Jojo! When do you fly out on the 8? I’m landing in San Fran on Oct 7th at 8pm. Will you be around?

  • vegan miam

    Yay, welcome to Vegan Mofo! I joined in 2011, but skipped 2012 (because of Thailand). Me too, I’ll be documenting on vegan eats in Buenos Aires, we are on the same page, yay!!! I look forward to reading your VeganMofo posts!

    • vegan miam

      Funny I’ve mentioned Thailand, where in Thailand are you heading to?

      • janessapk

        Ooooh Buenos Aires, nice! I’m not sure where I’ll be, hopefully some islands somewhere! I’m leaving it up to my brother mostly, who I’m meeting over there.

  • jess sconĂ©

    I love it!

    • janessapk

      <3 I'm going for it!

  • Rachel

    FYI, when I was in Thailand (Bangkok area, southern Thailand, and the Andaman Islands – can’t speak for northern), there was wifi EVERYWHERE and it was usually pretty good (this was in November 2012). I was amazed. So at least there, you may be in luck, blog-wise!