Vegan Mofo: BEER ‘Round the World


It’s Friday! That means it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

While I drank my share of white wine spritzers in Europe, the beverage that has been the most constant throughout Europe and Asia is of course… beer.


Mid-afternoon pint in London: the best time for beer

Mid-afternoon pint in London: the best time for beer

Good ol’ beer. Fitting, considering I spent 7 years working at a brewpub. I drank Amstel in Holland, cider in London, Tiger beer in Vietnam and Lao Beer in Laos. Beer is typically the cheapest adult beverage (in some countries even more affordable than water), and readily available almost everywhere.


I think my favorite beer drinking happened in The Netherlands, where pubs offer two sizes and offer complimentary nuts and snacky treats with every pint. Or else in Laos (where I currently am), because Beer Lao is everywhere and better than I thought it might be. Or else London, because I love cider probably a little bit more than beer. Or, well, okay. I’ve loved them all.









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  • Helen4Morrissey

    Beer is the best. I’m going to Prague in October and super excited about the many beer-drinking opportunities!

    • Oooh Prague! I drank beer in the Czech Republic, but where I was, Brno, wine was surprisingly more prevalent.

      • Helen4Morrissey

        Ah, interesting! I’ll try to get my mitts on some Czech wine while I’m there then!

  • I love the Belgian beers – probably the best ones of all in Europe!

  • veggiesara

    Don’t tell me you preferred the Dutch beers over the Belgian beers?
    We have the finest beer of them all 😉