Vegan Mofo: Cookies & Scream


Vegan Mofo, known as the Vegan Month of Food to vegan bloggers everywhere, is upon us. And I’m participating for the first time. I’m keeping it short and sweet, as I’ll be training and bussing and staying in questionable lodging with questionable access to wifi throughout Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand this September. And I’m also blogging at Vida Vegan HQ’s blog, where Jess, Michele and I are doing a Month of Memories theme.

Here’s how the weeks’ posts will be broken down, roughly:

  • Monday: Sweet Treats
  • Tuesday: Snacky Treats
  • Wednesday: Wacky Wednesday
  • Thursday: Around The World
  • Friday: It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

I have so many pictures from the last few months of my travels, I’m excited to share them with you all!

For the first installment, because I’ve been CRAVING vegan ice cream and cookies recently (impossible to find in Vietnam), here is an extraordinarily crave-worthy milkshake from Cookies & Scream in Camden Market, London.


Cookies and Scream in London


Sean, better known as The Fat Gay Vegan, took me here on our London afternoon outing back in June. We met up with the lovely Kip from The Messy Vegetarian Cook and all heavily indulged in some of London’s best vegan gluten-free dessert.


This little beauty is made from vegan and gluten-free vegan ice cream, soy milk, and A WHOLE peanut butter chocolate chip cookie. Oh. My. Lanta. So good.


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  • veganinbrighton

    I love Cookies & Scream! I always stop there if I’m in North London.

    • They were so good! Next time I’m in England, I want to go try all the vegan food in Brighton. Like that vegan fry I saw on Sean’s blog…. yum!

  • fat gay vegan

    I love how I am poking my head around the corner! Ha! I really thought I was out of that show. Hurry back!

  • The Spicy Vegan

    I love ice cream! And cookies! And ice cream and cookies TOGETHER! That sounds delicious. Looking forward to your month of posts!

    • Thanks lady! Ice cream and cookies are amazing, as are you.

  • I scream for ice cream! Looks delicious ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Oh man I missed your trip to London! Hanging out with Sean & Kip is the best, especially when Cookies & Scream is involved!

    • Janessa

      Oh no, that would have been a blast if we could have all hung out!

  • Vegan Yack Attack

    Oh man, the sound of this alone has me wanting to blend up my own version (as I don’t see myself going to London anytime soon). I will enjoy it vicariously through you!

    • Janessa

      Oh yeah! do it! I mean, then you’ll have an extra dozen cookies laying around, but hey, we all gotta make sacrifices.