Vegan Mofo: Coffee with a View


Hello and Happy Friday!!! This installment of Bevs-around-the-world will be the simple cup of coffee.


In Montenegro (and much of the Balkans), the preferred style of coffee is Turkish Coffee. I was lucky enough to stay a hostel that offered unlimited Turkish coffee (the fantastic, must-stay-there-if you’re-ever-in-Budva Montenegro Freedom Hostel). The thing with complimentary Turkish coffee throughout the day is you’ve got to learn how to make it. Once the owner showed me, I became a skilled creator of the perfect cup of coffee.

Note: By ‘skilled creator’ I mean ‘enthusiastic novice’.

This new-found knowledge certainly did not dissuade me from trying anyone else’s Turkish coffee however.

After an all-day tour of the most beautiful sights I’ve ever seen (this might be hyperbole, this might not be. I legitimately cannot think of any other view at this moment that compares to     Lake Skadar), our tour guide stopped at a little stall on the side of the road that sold cheese, raki (Balkan brandy), meats and coffee, and said, “This is my favorite coffee in Montenegro.” When I asked why, he replied, “ It has the best view in the world.”

See what I mean?

See what I mean?


His statement wasn’t far from the truth. We each ordered a cup of coffee (the two Russian girls I was with content to sample the cheese and meat and buy plum raika) and sat on a picnic table, watching the sunset over Kotor Bay.

Bites from Abroad

It is one of the views that is so beautiful it’s impossible to capture, but this quiet little moment on top of a mountain in Montenegro remains one of my favorites.

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  • Wow. I thought my patio view of Long Beach was good…but your view doesn’t have a single oil-processing thingy in it!

    • It sure doesn’t! Much easier to take photos there than in Vietnam, where you have to sort of work around all the garbage.

  • Babette Vegan

    Beautiful! You could sell your picture to Nescafé!