Vegan Mofo: The Hummus Bar in Budapest


Hi, welcome to snacky Tuesday! Last week I confessed my powerful love affair with Mexicorn. This week it’s….. HUMMUS.


It’s sort of strange, because hummus is such a default vegetarian/vegan option in the States that I get bored of it quite easily. But after eating across Europe, I started missing that creamy lemony chickpea spread. In Budapest, at the suggestion of my Instagram friend Huggy29, I tried The Hummus Bar.

OH MY GOD, I forgot how much I love hummus. And chickpeas in general. And pita bread. And fava beans. And everything that is good and beany and creamy in this world.

I sort of got confused when ordering, so ended up with a bowl of hummus with chickpeas as my side. Never fear. The more chickpeas the better. The salads all looked good; I ended up ordering a tomato/cucumber/onion delight that went into my little pita pocket of wonder with the hummus and chickpeas.

Magical Chickpeas

Magical Chickpeas

GIMME CHICKPEAS OR GIMME…. well, mexicorn or thyme chocolate or wine spritzers. I’m not picky.

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  • The hummus in your pictures looks fantastic! You’re right that hummus is so often the sad default that it’s easy to forget how wonderful truly good hummus can be!

    • Right? I just had a falafel sandwich in Thailand and it was SO GOOD. Traveling definitely makes me appreciate foods that I take for granted at home.

  • veganinbrighton

    I wanna go to a hummus bar now!

  • Thanks for mentioning my favorite eatery in Budapest:

    It was so goooooooooood!

    • I would totally eat there all the time!

  • Jessica

    I ate there a few times when I was visiting Budapest, and it was delicious, but one of the times, they’d brought me my hummus, and I’d already eaten about half of it when the waitress came running up and told me not to eat it because it was bad. It tasted fine to me, so I asked what was wrong, but she didn’t really speak much English, (nor I any Hungarian), so I never figured out exactly what was wrong with it. She brought me a new one, which I also ate (I was starving!), but I was pretty paranoid I was going to get sick from eating the “bad” hummus. I was ok in the end though!

    • Oh my gosh! How funny/weird! So glad you didn’t get sick!