Vegan Mofo: Mango Sticky Rice


Last month my life changed by eating mango sticky rice in Cambodia.


I know that restaurants in the States offer mango sticky rice, but let’s be honest, dessert without chocolate is really just breakfast. It never appealed to me before.


But in Cambodia, on a rainy rainy night, after an exquisite visit to a temple and some real quality time with monkeys, I ended up at a little restaurant that inspired me to try mango sticky rice for the first time. Maybe it was the fact that the menu said it took 20 minutes to make (SO BE PATIENT) or maybe it was because it was raining so hard outside, or maybe it was because it was my travel companion Billy’s birthday and if he wasn’t going to order dessert, I sure wasn’t going to let us go dessert-less on his birthday. Whatever the reason, I ordered it and fell immediately in love. The rice was sticky sweet and slightly salty, and topped with crunchy coconut pieces, coconut milk, and fresh chunks of mango.

Mango Sticky Rice

The best.


I’ve ordered it a few times since throughout Cambodia and Thailand, and loved every incarnation of it, though none has been good as the first time in that nameless cafe in Phnom Penh. When I get back to Portland, I’m embarking on an epic mango sticky rice journey.

And with that, this Vegan Mofo series is over. Hope you guys enjoyed reading tidbits from my trip aboad, thank you for reading!

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