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Wacky Wednesday is when I write about something that might not be food related, but still travel-related. Probably. It is wacky, afterall. Anything can happen.


For the first one, I’m going to to share with you the best travel backpack I’ve ever used: the Farpoint Osprey 55.

If I have to have all my worldly possessions to my back, this is the backpack I want to use.

If I have to have all my worldly possessions to my back, this is the backpack I want to have.


The backpack is 50 liters, with a detachable 5 liter day backpack. Along with packing cubes (potentially a future Wacky Wednesday post), this was my best purchase for my extended mini RTW trip.

It’s super comfy, has fit into carry-on on every plane I’ve tried (saving me money, especially in the US with much stricter checked baggage rules than the countries I traveled in Europe and SE Asia) and is much roomier than it looks.



Fits everywhere!*    *almost

Fits everywhere!*


If you’re planning to travel for any trip longer than a week and less than 6 months (though I am fairly certain this backpack would last for even 12 months + trips), I 100% recommend this backpack. It has held up remarkably well, especially considering how hard I am on physical objects. There’s no fraying, the zippers are all still attached, and it still looks almost new. If I was really on top of things, I’d be an Amazon affiliate and have a link here, but I’m not, so if you’re interested, head to Amazon or REI or Osprey’s webpage and look around. The two blog posts I read that really sold me are TravelFashion Girl (a GREAT resource for travelin’ gals) and Answering Oliver.


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  • veganinbrighton

    I think I need that! I don’t mind travelling with a suitcase when I’m just going to the US and staying in a hotel but I need a decent backpack for our three weeks in Japan next spring, mine’s only 25L and I don’t think it’s gonna cut it!

    • Janessa

      It’s awesome. I definitely had reservations about traveling with a huge backpack, but it’s so comfy and convenient, I’m a convert. (And Japan! COOL!)

  • Cool backpack! I’ve never worn a backpack before for travels (it’s funny but I never have!) I always bring carry-on and checked suitcases that meets the weight limits, and of course with couple of airline statuses, it is easier to check in heavier suitcases.

    • Janessa

      Thanks! Yes, I think aesthetically I prefer suitcases, but practically it just makes sense to use a backpack for me.

  • Rachel

    I have the Osprey Porter 46 (now defunct, though there is a new version) that is I think a similar design without the daypack, and I love it!