Vegan Mofo: Pringles in SE Asia



Hello and happy Tuesday! Welcome to the last installment of snacky treats.

I missed posting yesterday–not for want of trying. I traveled via bus from Southern Thailand to Laos in a 48 hour span and a post simply wasn’t happening. I had planned a post about desserts in Budapest for the Sweet Treat portion, but that post may just have to wait for another time. So now it’s on to… Pringles!


My older brother Ahimsa is a vegan, and he travels around the world with his girlfriend Rachel in between teaching gigs. I’ve written about him before, and I’m currently traveling with the two of them in Thailand and Laos, which is great fun. I don’t see him often enough, so we always have a blast when we get to hang out.


He and Rachel have a vegan budget travel blog called Are We There Yeti, and a few years ago he posted about his favorite Pringles flavors of Indochina. That post sort of slipped my mind until I was in Vietnam last month with my friend Billy, on our way back from Halong Bay.


At the little mart where all buses stop to give their passengers the opportunity to buy expensive wood carvings, silk ties or snacks, I spotted a few wacky Pringles flavors. We knew we wanted to try a few of them (Pringles are often vegan, and often have ingredients in English, making it a good road snack for traveling vegans) so picked out the Hot & Spicy flavor and the Salty Seaweed.


Verdict: They’re both surprisingly good! I don’t know the last time I bought Pringles in the States, but as a safe vegan snack in SE Asia, they were just the ticket. One note: there’s also a regular ol’ seaweed flavor (not salted) that is just boring; don’t mistakenly get that one.

I still haven’t found the dill pickle (sadly) or the blueberry hazelnut (thankfully) Pringles my brother mentioned in his blog. But I still have two weeks; there’s time!


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  • Babette Vegan

    I would love to try those seaweed chips. I love Pringles.

    • Janessa

      They’re so good! I keep looking for the Dill Pickle flavor, but it must have been a limited edition.

    • Me too! But only when I’m traveling, ha.

  • I remembered seeing these weird Pringles flavors in Asia, especially in Taiwan – they had seaweed, soft-shell crab, and grilled shrimp.

    • the animal-flavored ones are always so odd!

  • Rachel

    One of my favorite things to do when traveling, especially in so-called “developing countries”, is check out the weird-to-me snacks in convenience stores. India remains one of my favorites, as the Masala Ruffles are ah-ma-zing.

    • Masala Ruffles sounds AMAZING. Gawd, India just moved up the list for me.

  • veganinbrighton

    Salt & Seaweed Pringles! They sound awesome, I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for them…I wonder if they’re available / vegan in Japan?!

    • They’re so good! I’m not sure if that flavor will be available, but I bet Japan will have even mo’ better flavor options!