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Vegan Mofo’s Wacky Wednesday has turned into Travel Packing Tips Wednesday. I’m glad it’s been helpful for you guys! The last two weeks I shared the travel backpack I recommend and the packing cubes that make traveling over an extended time infinitely more organized.


This week, I’m sharing something that will be very familiar to Vida Vegan Con 2013 attendees: my Susan Nichole bathroom toiletry bag.

 bites from Abroad

Susan Nichole, an American-made vegan handbag company, kindly donated bathroom toiletry bags to all Vida Vegan Con attendees who stayed in participating hotels. They also donated a beautiful vegan purse to the Galarama’s Silent Auction (which I would have LOVED to win).


Since I was leaving on my four month long international trip just two weeks after the wrap of Vida Vegan Con, this Susan Nichole toiletry bag was a savior.

 bites from Abroad

In it went all my bathroom goodies–shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body wash, q-tip, mini sewing kit, fingernail polish remover pads, blue fingernail polish, lotion, nail clippers, toothbrush, toothpaste and hair gel. There is one main compartment and two side pockets.

As the trip has gone on, I replenish what I need as it runs out. This bag is the perfect size for toiletries. Plus, I absolutely love that it’s vegan and has a classy black and white damask print design.

bites from abroad

From what I remember, these bags were designed especially for Vida Vegan and I don’t believe they’re available for sale on her website. But as I was just looking that up to be sure, I came across the sample sale page. If you are in the market for a good vegan handbag or wallet, check out the sample sale. And if you’re feeling generous, send one my way.


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  • Babette Vegan

    I would love one of those.

    • Janessa

      I love mine so much! I found a matching purse online, but am convinced I can find a cheaper purse that I like while in SE Asia. Haven’t so far, though!