Vegan Mofo: Thyme Chocolate Bar


Hello and good morning! Welcome back to Monday’s Sweet Treats. Last week I shared with you the sweet and creamy peanut butter cookie milkshake from Cookies & Scream in London. This week we’re moving over the The Netherlands; to The Hague, the capital.

The Hague

The Hague


One of my best friends, Mireilla, was a foreign exchange student from Rotterdam to my tiny little high school in Cave Junction, Oregon back in 1997. We hit it off right away, and have kept in touch and seen each other occasionally since. This trip marked the first time I was able to visit her. She and her boyfriend hosted me for 10 days, and were the best hosts ever. Turns out things are a little different in the Netherlands; on your birthday YOU supply the cake, and when you host friends, you treat them. They were lovely wonderful hosts, and when I ventured into The Hague one day to explore, I stopped into a specialty tea shop to buy a thank you present.

 After I found some delightful tea blends, I came across a thyme, flax seed and quinoa crisp chocolate bar from the chocolate company Newtree. Sure enough, it’s vegan. There is no way I’d ever not buy a vegan chocolate bar with thyme in it. Duh.

bites from abroad

The taste is something altogether different. It takes a square or two to get used to, but then it gets seriously addictive. The crunchy quinoa and flecks of flax are a perfect balance to the herby fragrance of the thyme.  The thyme itself makes me think it’d be the perfect sweet bite after an Italian pasta dinner. Not that I gave it the chance; I basically ate it all within 2 days, furtively popping squares from my purse into my mouth for that elusive taste of sweet thyme chocolate.

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  • veggiesara

    Hmm, I must try this chocolate. The same brand has chocolate with speculoos bits (I think Americans know it as Biscoff, am I right?) in it, it is sooo good.

    • OH MY GOD, FOR REAL? I luuuuurve that stuff! I must try that chocolate bar! When I was clicking around on their site double checking ingredients, I saw that they ship to the USA. I might have to purchase the most expensive chocolate bar of my life, and happily so, if I can eat their Speculoos chocolate bar.

      • veggiesara

        Haha! If I ever travel to the USA, I’ll bring you a bunch :-p

        • YES PLEASE. I’ll take you out to yummy Portland food in exchange!

          • veggiesara

            that sounds like the perfect deal!

  • Gorgeous first photo! This chocolate sounds yummy!

    • Thanks! It’s a beautiful city (and country)!