Vegan Thoughts

I am a vegan because nutritionally, ethically, environmentally and morally it makes sense for me. I don’t judge others on their diets or lifestyles (unless it includes a fervent dislike of tacos or an irrational distaste for champagne) and know that we all do the best we can.

..A few of my past musings on veganism and issues pertaining to veganism.

(Part One) My Vegan Story

I started to write this post to explain what vegan means to me. It is such a buzz word now, which is awesome(!) that it’s getting talked about, but I think it also lends itself to something that people don’t think about as much. Once I started to write about our definitions of vegan, what vegan means to me and what vegan means to you, I realized that I couldn’t write this without giving more of my background. So, I’m dividing this up into 2 parts. The first part is my story….

(Part Two) Why Go Vegan?
What is veganism? By definition, it means causing the least amount of harm to living creatures. Taking things that don’t belong to us, like animals’ skin, wool, honey, milk, and eggs, is not vegan. Testing on animals for human benefit is not vegan. Veganism encompasses more than a diet. A diet is one prong of an overall lifestyle to a vegan….

Rats, Squirrels and “Happy” Cows
…This takes for granted the fact that if cows are raised being fed grass, they’re happy to die for humans to eat them. A cow does not WANT to die, even if eating grass all the way to your mouth. A living animal that is sent unwilling to its death does not make for a guilt-free ingredient or snack, no matter what she is fed while she is alive….

Leather, Dairy and Milk

I’ve been thinking about dairy and leather a lot recently. Perhaps a recent viewing of Earthlings inspired these thoughts. Earthlings is a documentary narrated by the odd-but-still-dreamy Joaquin Phoenix and with a musical score by Moby. It’s about ‘making the connection’. I know that dairy and leather can be touchy subjects or confusing for some people, so if…

Climate Control by eating more Animals

…The article addresses some key issues:buy locally, buy seasonally, reuse your non-plastic bags, compost, and curb your food waste. These are all great starts. I would like to see, however, a more progressive Earth Day article discussing the benefits of a vegan diet for our planet, as well as more focus on growing food in a sustainable manner…

A Few Thoughts

Musings on ‘Natural beef’, rats, and squirrels.

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  • “…unless it includes a fervent dislike of tacos or an irrational distaste for champagne.” GREAT MINDS! 😀

    • ha! We both have excellent taste, no doubt about it!