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I am so freakin’ excited.


                         One day last fall I thought, “Geez. It would be SO COOL to meet a whole bunch of other vegan bloggers. It’d be SO COOL to get tips on bloggy-type things like RSS Feeds (I’m a two-year old when it comes to tech-related stuff) and wordpress vs blogger and headers and hey, is advertising a good idea or not? I wish I could talk to a bunch of people who are in the know. And it’d be SO COOL if I had knowledge that that other vegan bloggers wanted. How cool would it be to have a giant vegan blogging conference where we can trade knowledge and smiles and recipes and URLs and get to know one another?”  


                      I approached Jess from Get Sconed, while meeting about a separate, now-aborted project (but maybe it will make a return in a more vegan-accepting world soon? One can only hope! <—clapping my hands manically). She enthusiastically agreed, and we set about brainstorming this crazy conference.


                      After a few false starts, due to my intense personal life and mine and Jess’ side projects (Modified Style and Vegan Iron Chef, respectively), we reconvened and Jess suggested Michele from Vegtastic Voyage hop on board. I was impressed from day one, when she came with a binder of notes and a billion ideas.


                     I love working with these two ladies. They are so inspiring and wonderful and adorable (it’s true!) and kind and smart and talented and strong and vegan (yeah!), I just love them. A lot of adjectives, I know. But all so fitting and true. And if these two ladies with fantastic blogs and all this motivation and charisma and compassion are so cool to know, I seriously CANNOT WAIT to meet everyone who’s speaking at and attending our conference. I’m so happy to be able to offer a fantastic excuse to every vegan blogger or blog-reader out there who doesn’t know anyone in their town who’s vegan, who doesn’t know anyone who knows what a blog is, who don’t know anyone in real life they can relate to, who feels so separate from the pure awesomeness of being able to eat a vegan reuben all over town, to come to Portland and enjoy the bounty and kindness and straight-up kick-assiness.


                   Vida Vegan takes place NEXT August—lots of time to ask for vacation and save money and start g-chatting with new friends and potential roommates. Registration kicked off this morning here. It’s limited, so make sure you register as soon as you can. And if you’re feeling nervous about knowing anybody—don’t be. Portland is so very friendly and I am friendly and a lot of people who will be here are friendly. Email me if you want to know someone before you come. (theveganword @ Even if you don’t have a blog and just read blogs, even if you feel that everyone else will know each other (they won’t, I promise!), even if you always read blogs but never comment…. you should come. A weekend in Portland is awesome enough without a fabulous excuse, but a weekend in Portland surrounded by people who want to learn with you and teach with you and eat with you is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

           If you have any questions or concerns or just want to say hi or don’t even know what to say but want to say something, email me. Seriously.

Register for the conference here.

Read about Jess’ excitement:

 “I know. I can’t stop talking about that Vegan Bloggers Conference next year. Let me throw out an apology for talking so much about something I’m working on, as usual. Full disclosure: I am a co-founder of this venture, along withJanessa and Michele. Even if I wasn’t, I have no doubt that I would be just as excited about this happening, especially in Portland, OR! The quick back-story is that the lovely Janessa approached me about her genius idea over a year ago, it seems. Michele was a natural fit, being a wonder behind last summer’s inaugural Vegan Iron Chef competition and our future plans, as was our uber-talented Creative Director on both, Liz Miller. These ladies are all magical to work with…”

 Read more at Get Sconed


Read about Michele’s excitement:

“I’ve mentioned little mentions here and there, but here’s the big announcement:Vida Vegan Con is open for registration!

What’s Vida Vegan Con? Only the first vegan blogger conference. We’ve already got some amazing speakers lined up (check them out here), and we hope to have the schedule pretty and polished before too long. We’re planning a few class periods a day, with a few options for each period, so everyone can plan their days with what they’re interested in. …”

Read more at Vegtastic Voyage


Thanks to all our super-duper speakers who have signed on, and to all our super-duper attendees who have already registered. You are all AWESOME and I seriously can’t wait to meet you.

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  • Aww, ya done made me blush. Back atcha, kitten.

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  • I too lost my mother to cancer . . . pancreatic. I will never forget the agony, the suffering, everything surrounding her illness and untimely passing. Great blog. I was reading your “31 things to do” . . . and I tell you I did learn to like beets, and I am working on eggplant. I made eggplant cutlets, and they were to die for . . . my girls thought they were Mexican Milanesas! However, being Vegan now, I don’t use eggs, so I have not quite mastered breading yet.

    I lived in Portland, 5 years. I love it. I have never lived in a more beautiful place and I miss it terribly. I came back California, after a 10 year absence . . . The Redwoods here are beautiful . . .

    Looking forward to the August 2011 event! Following a plant-based lifestyle is a lovely life.

    • Gloria,

      I am so sorry about your mother. Losing a loved one is one of the most emotionally draining and ridiculous things that happens in our lifetime.

      I’m glad you liked this post, and once you master vegan eggplant cutlets, please: Share the recipe! 😀