Waffles, Sangria, and Vegan Mini Quiches

If you have a waffle maker, make a batch of waffles on your weekend. Freeze each waffle individually in a plastic bag. For a quick breakfast or snack, simply pull one out, stick it in your oven or microwave or toaster, and top with whatever you want (I’m partial to maple syrup, peanut butter, and sliced banana). It doesn’t take very long and is so much better for you than packaged frozen waffles. Plus, you can dress them up a bit–add fruit, almond extract, flaxseed, coconut, chocolate powder… there’s many options!

White Sangria:
1 bottle white wine ( I used Riesling)
1/2 cup Grand Monarch, Grand Marnier, or ghetto-style: Triple Sec
Fruit–use any kind. I used 1 1/2 Meyer Lemons and 1 cup sliced strawberries.
Serve with a float of soda water.

Vita Mix!
This is my first breakfast smoothie. The one that turned out brownish.

My next few smoothies have been better. Yesterday I made:
3 kale leaves
handful baby carrots
1/2 apple
flax seed

It was great. Suuuper filling!

Today I used:
Blend of kale/mustard greens
handful baby carrots
flax seed
soy protein powder

Yum! I love getting so many fruits and vegetables in one meal. Most Americans struggle with getting in the required fruit and veggies each day. I know I have difficulties, because I could probably just eat tacos for every single meal and be happy, but that’s not going to cut it (anymore). Breakfast smoothies like these are great starts!


Mini Veggie Quiche!
For an Easter Brunch on Sunday at my friend Andrea’s house, I really wanted to make vegan quiche. I found a great recipe.

I sauteed garlic, onion, cremini mushrooms, organic red pepper and chives together.
In my vitamix I combined the rest of the ingredients (silken tofu being a key player) and then combined the two mixtures. I ladled the batter into muffin tins, and this is what they looked like when they came out:
They turned out okay. They were tasty, but I want them to be bigger. Taller. They shrunk. I would fill them completely full next time I tried.

They all got eaten at the brunch though! (Along with most of the apple pie coffee cake I brought).

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